His wife was reborn. Did he?

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Before the beginning, many people gathered together to chat, and the scene was very lively.

He smiled bitterly. Really, she took the opportunity to add insult to injury. But this is also good, can make a beautiful woman smile, let him play a clown can, just wear a suit is nothing. In addition to the arrival of people, Lu Zhiyuan did not forget to bring gifts, he brought an urn of old altar daughter red, as well as a pair of clam stone Weiqi and wooden chessboard. These are not very expensive things, but he has known Xia Zhenchi's preferences in advance. Having this intention is enough to make people feel good about him. Lu Zhiyuan is a very talkative person. He can always find the right topic to chat with Xia Zhenchi. After dinner, the two men sat in the living room playing chess, but probably because their daughter had drunk too much, they spent less time talking about business, real estate, and cars. Xia Cheng listened to shake his head, men gathered together, as if three sentences can not be separated from these, she was bored, sitting alone in a rocking chair in the distance, silently watching them. Old Su Heng appeared quietly beside her, and Xia Cheng knew he was coming, but he didn't turn his head to look at him. I should be the only friend you bring home that Dad doesn't like. He said bitterly. There are so many implications hidden in this that Xia Cheng can't help frowning. First, she really didn't want to hear him grieve over the past when the atmosphere was so harmonious. Second, she did not want to hear him call the word "Dad", to put it bluntly, in a previous life,Kamado bbq grill, her father had never. I heard him call it that. Xia Zhenchi did not give Su Heng a chance, but his mother firmly refused to allow them to get married. For this matter, Xia Cheng always took it to heart. It's one thing to hurt her, and she doesn't care, but it's another thing to let her father die with regret. She is an unfilial daughter, did not accompany his father well in his previous life, only know to follow Su Heng in Beijing, take care of his daily life. When her father's cancer metastasized and she wanted to be filial, she knew it was too late. The son wants to raise but the parents do not wait,Ceramic Bobbin, so she is sad, she absolutely does not want to experience the second time. Similarly, she hopes to find the other half in the future, no matter the condition is good or bad, at least he will be the person his father likes. Old Su Heng continued: "If at that time, people around us can support us, maybe we will not come to this step now." Xia Cheng hung his head and did not make any reaction. Old Su Heng looked at her, as if to impress her posture deeply into his mind, which was his favorite appearance of her, long and beautiful neck, white skin, and her slightly melancholy expression. When Xia Cheng stayed by his side, it seemed that she had never been happy for a day, and she always played the role of his wife quietly. He seemed to be used to her, so when yuan Li appeared, her innocence and liveliness attracted him. A long time ago, when he saw Xia Cheng in T, 10g Ozone Generator ,7g Ozone Generator, she was also so vivid and lovely, but so energetic, finally under the torture of daily life, lost the most original appearance that made him move. But he still loves her, all the time. Even though there were so many women around him, what she meant to him was very different from them. Unlike her, he may soon be forgotten. It is said that a woman's change of heart is irreversible. Although not yet to that time, but he can no longer see from the eyes of Xia Cheng, belong to his shadow. He knew it was best for her, but when it happened, his heart ached too much to bear. Sooner or later, when she forgets him and no longer needs him, it will be the time for him to retire. But why was he so afraid of this day? When Lu Zhiyuan went back, Xia Zhenchi's family sent him to the car together. "Zhiyuan, you are welcome to come home next time," said Fu. Xia Zhenchi, probably because he was happy or satisfied, patted Lu Zhiyuan on the shoulder and said, "Boy, come and play chess with me when you are free." Lu Zhiyuan said generously: "Uncle, this is of course, next time I must win back." Xia Zhenchi listened and laughed, "then I'll wait for you to challenge." Before leaving, Xia Cheng and Lu Zhiyuan had no chance to talk to each other well, but they just looked at each other, and what they wanted to say to each other was all in silence. While sleeping, Lu Zhiyuan sent a message: "Good night, I'm home.". After Xia Cheng looked at it, she also said good night to him and put her cell phone back at the head of the bed. She stared at the ceiling with a smile, and after a long time, she finally felt sleepy, and she was willing to close her eyes and sleep. Chapter 56 miss. On the day of the Teacher Appreciation Banquet, most of the people had already arrived at the venue before the scheduled time. Before the beginning, many people gathered together to chat, and the scene was very lively. The hotel manager was kind enough to give them the biggest banquet room. Dinner does not follow the usual banquet mode, but takes the way of buffet reception. This gives everyone the maximum freedom not to stick to their seats. Everyone's focus, of course, was Miss Shen, who was surrounded. Most of them came with their families. They brought their other half to greet the teacher. Some of them brought their children. The whole family happily took pictures with the teacher. Xia Cheng has been standing with Lu Zhiyuan, they do not shy away from, casually let people guess, the relationship between them. Little Su Heng, of course, also came. He was the representative of the repetition class. He had been helping to contact the students in that class before. Xia Cheng did not see him for a long time, recently he did not often appear in the Xia family, she thought it might be busy work, but most likely yuan Li appeared, he probably had a new sustenance, they are no longer interested in her. Of course, she wished him well. Why not? Small Su Heng is a particularly considerate person, compared with the old Su Heng in the past, he always gave her a kind of, to everything, all laugh at the taste. She felt that although he was a little younger,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, his character was very mature, but she would not say these words face to face, for fear that some people would be naive and could not stand the blow.