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In this case, I, an amateur player, have no reason not to give way to other professionals.

Finally, I added: "As Amin Baylor's status is respected, it can only be decided after the complete capture of Liaodong in the future, so it is not within the scope of this appointment for the time being. I have no right to appoint Amin Baylor in North Korea." A word stopped some people's mouths, but everyone felt vaguely that the appointment undoubtedly consolidated the position of the Lee family in the future of North Korea, and Dorgon became a decisive force in stabilizing North Korea, and his orientation directly affected the future political situation of North Korea. For such a distribution, in fact, I also took a great risk. For a few days, I have been considering whether to allocate so much military power to Dourgen. Once he is disloyal, it will be a disaster for the whole of North Korea. But at present, our biggest threat is from Huangtaiji. According to intelligence, Huangtaiji has begun a large-scale reform since World War I in Beijing. First of all, it is to reform the military system. On the basis of the original Jurchen, Mongolian and Han Eight Banners, two assistant ministers were set up in each banner to "assist in state affairs and hear prison lawsuits" without sending troops to garrison. It also stipulated that the officers of the Eight Banners should not use the names of Han military officers, but still use Manchu names. The chief officer of each banner is Angbang Zhangjing, the lieutenant is Meile Zhangjing, the general is Jiala Zhangjing and the imperial guard is Niu Lu Zhangjing. Guan Yiqi is Gushan Ezhen. As early as the time of Nurhachi, the brave soldiers of the Eight Banners Niulu were selected to form Bayala (also translated as Baiyala, Baiyala),endless swim pool, with 17 people per Niulu. Bayala was a good soldier under the direct command of Nurhachi Khan, and was also Khan's bodyguard Qinjun. And every one of the Belets had a division of the army of Bayara, which belonged to him. After Huang Taiji succeeded to the throne, he organized the Bayala soldiers of the Eight Banners into the Bayala Battalion, which became a separate military organization. The Bayala camp set up a triangular banner with a golden dragon shape on it, which was called the banner (banner) or the dragon banner. The color of the banner was the same as that of the eight banners. The Bayala banner was commanded by Ezhen alone, second only to Gushan Ezhen. The subordinate Jia La set up Ba Ya La Jia La Ezhen, and each of the 17 Ba Ya La soldiers was commanded by one person,hot tub wholesale, called Ba Ya La Zhuangda (captain). After this reform, Huang Taiji changed the name of Ba Ya La Er Zhen to Ba Ya La Er Zhang Jing, and Jia La Er Zhen also changed the name to Jia La Zhang Jing. Huangtaiji directly dispatched troops to Bayala Zhangjing of each banner, and the soldiers under his command were not limited to the Bayala soldiers of his own banner. Huangtaiji directly controlled the elite soldiers of each banner through Bayala Zhangjing, thus stabilizing his power and establishing a special force at that time in disguise. This is not to mention that Huangtaiji also changed the official system in accordance with the system of the Ming Dynasty, and successively established the Inner Three yuan (namely, the National History yuan, the Inner Secretary yuan, and the Inner Hongwen yuan, collectively known as the Inner Three yuan), the Six Departments (Li, Hu, Li, Bing, Xing, jacuzzi swim spa ,endless pool factory, and Gong), and the Second yuan (Du Cha yuan advised the emperor and supervised the officials of King Beile and the Six Departments; Li Fan yuan managed the relevant affairs of the Mongolian ministries). The two courtyards and the six ministries were called the Eight Yamen, which constituted the central government. By doing so, Huang Taiji strengthened the centralization of power and made it easier for him to rule, which was undoubtedly advanced for the nomadic and backward social forms such as Jurchen and Mongolia, and made them more cohesive, rather than as in the past, one tribe after another like loose sand. For me, it's not good. You should know that the attack power brought by the open palm now becomes a fist is absolutely different from before. In addition, Amin is ready to move. The defense of the whole western front is very dangerous. If you don't equip more troops for Dourgen, once the war starts, it's likely to be a thousand miles away. Once the Great Northern Wilderness is lost, there will be no barrier on the west side of Korea, and we will no longer have strategic depth. We should know that the whole of Korea is like a large production base. If we do not keep the enemy out of the country and allow the enemy to come in, the losses of Korea will be incalculable. So we must keep the western front, with Huang Taiji's personality, lying beside the bed how to tolerate others, I have to contain him, like a fish bone in the throat, so that he can not always go all out to deal with the Ming Dynasty. When yuan Chonghuan was gone, no one in the Ming Dynasty could threaten him, and he would certainly avenge his death with the fiercest offensive. In fact, not only to enrich the troops of Dourgen, including Tong Yangxing's Han army I also want to send up, the new army after the formation of combat effectiveness also want to send up, North Korea has Jin Qizong local troops is enough, the focus in the future should be on the western front, to ensure that North Korea is safe and sound. "Lord Li, I think I can't and can't hold the position of marshal!" yuan Chonghuan took the lead in saying that after living in North Korea for more than half a year, coupled with family reunion, yuan Chonghuan has gradually integrated into here. His teaching at the Military Academy is excellent, and has received almost unanimous recognition and praise. In terms of military theory, it can be said that no one can surpass yuan Chonghuan, including me. I have hundreds of years more experience in war history than him, but I still have to bow to the wind. yuan Chonghuan's grasp and analysis of the battlefield situation and the application of tactics are beyond my reach. Especially his understanding of the Liaodong Peninsula, as well as his understanding of Huang Taiji, I am ashamed of myself. In this case, I, an amateur player, have no reason not to give way to other professionals. yuan Dushi, are you still thinking about the past? The past has passed, and you are no longer the former yuan Chonghuan here. I hope you don't refuse. A man should make contributions. You are determined to restore Liaodong, and your heart is in the people of the Central Plains. This is the best time. Why should you refuse? Hearing what I said, all the people present looked at yuan Chonghuan. yuan Chonghuan is definitely not a pedantic person. Before this list came out, I had discussed Liaodong's strategy with him many times, but I didn't mention anything about letting him serve as field marshal, because I was afraid that he would veto me too early. It can be said that yuan Chonghuan has many difficulties as a field marshal, but no one in North Korea can compare with him in terms of talent alone. His biggest difficulty is that he does not have his own team and his own background,outdoor spa manufacturers, which is exactly what I see. Only in this way can he be impartial and not pose any substantial threat to me. What I want to use is his talent, his military talent. What yuan Chonghuan wants to use is my military strength to help him realize his revenge and ideal. yuan Chonghuan is the natural nemesis of Nurhachi's family. If Emperor Chongzhen hadn't foolishly believed in Huang Taiji's alienation and refused to admit his mistake, history would have been rewritten long ago.