Mist-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise

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But the bucket and food box had not been touched for several days, so Li Yikui's wife could not help asking questions and protesting.

If you don't believe it, you might as well inquire about the price of gold every two yuan, and then convert it into money completely, and you will know that it is really a significant amount. You can't even believe a human life is worth that much? What's the use of spending so much money to buy a life? If people are alive, they are always useful. But why is a dead man valuable? Why is it worth more than a living person? Human life is "cold-blooded" Li Shiba. Ten thousand taels of gold belongs to Zeng Laoyuan. If you know that the old member is "five more chicken" Qian Tong, and know that Li Shiba came to Xiangyang is dedicated to kill Qian Tong. You will not wonder, will not wonder why Qian Tong is willing to pay ten thousand taels of gold to buy Li Shiba's life. Qian Tong's reward of ten thousand taels of gold was spread through the public police. On the surface, it was only to arrest and kill the murderer who killed Yu Hao. He did not specify "Li Shiba", but all qualified people knew who the murderer was. Of course, the so-called qualified people include Li Yikui. Because "the sky is green after the rain", Yu Hao's whereabouts and habits are provided by him to Li Shiba. Zeng Laoyuan's four secret hiding places were also the information he provided. In addition, there are many news that ordinary people can not know, because of Li Yikui's reason, Li Shiba all know. Of course, Li Yikui did not forget the reward of five hundred taels of gold. But he could not forget that Li Shiba had hired another terrible killer and given the list of his family to the killer. For the sake of the lives of the whole family, Li Yikui could not do anything for Li Shiba. The most important thing is not to lose one's life,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, because the dead can not stop or withdraw the task of the killer. Li Yikui lived in a rather large place, although he had an old mother, three sons and a daughter, as well as eight servants and cooks and gardeners. There are still more houses to live in, and several are still vacant. There were four rooms in the eastern courtyard, which had been empty for a long time,China spa factory, and few people had ever set foot in it. Since Li Shiba and Li Yikui talked that night, a room in the eastern courtyard was cleaned the next day, and the windows were completely covered with black cloth from the inside. Every morning, a large bucket of water and a food box containing breakfast are placed at the door of the room, and a meal is delivered at noon and in the evening. But the bucket and food box had not been touched for several days, so Li Yikui's wife could not help asking questions and protesting. Her question is, who will live in that room? If you are a guest or a member of the gang who avoids the limelight, why don't you entertain them in the front room? Why pick the empty courtyard of the inner house? Although children and servants will not go in, they always feel inconvenient psychologically. She protested that since the mysterious guest had not come (no one had touched the water and food), why should she bring the water and food herself? The bucket was very heavy, and it was very difficult and laborious to get such a bucket of water every morning. Li Yikui refused to reveal a word and rudely returned the ticket to her protest. In fact, Li Yikui is very confused. Since he married Chen Wanglian at the age of 18, he has been working in the Iron Shoulder Pole Gang at the age of 20. Since then, massage bathtub manufacturers ,jacuzzi manufacturers, he has had no worries about food and clothing, and has considerable power, so he has not tasted such confusion, worry and fear for a long time. In fact, apart from worrying about the lives of his family. What really upset him was "ten thousand taels of gold". Is there any way that the whole family can be safe and earn this huge fortune? The opportunity is fleeting, must prepare to arrange as soon as possible, wait until Li Shiba suddenly uses this room one day, must act immediately. Otherwise he may endure to leave Xiangyang, never find a trace. What is the best of both worlds? Knowing that Li Shiba is the "killer of killers", does Li Yikui really dare to betray him? xxx People die for money, birds die for food. Li Shiba has long known that these two ancient proverbs are true. However, he was also convinced that the iron-footed monk was definitely not a person who could be beaten by "money". In his mind, ten thousand taels of gold must be far less than a Buddhist sutra that can be bought for tens of pennies. So he dared to pull the young monk out of bed in the middle of the night. He used to be fearless, but now his face is a little off. The iron-footed monk's eyes were clear and bright, as if he had never slept before. "Don't be nervous," he said with a smile. Almsgiver Li Shiba, who stole your former pride and confidence? Li Shiba frowned and said, "Although Yin Wanli is a famous stalker.". But Yin Wanli doesn't seem to be one of the three most famous tracking masters in the world. "Yes," said the iron-footed monk! But even if Yin Wanli does not rank fourth, he is at least fifth. "Now," said Li Shiba, "if suddenly one of the three masters of the tracking road comes to Xiangyang, which one do you guess?" Monk Tiejiao hesitated for a moment and then said, "One of these three masters is in Guangdong. I don't think it's possible to come here." "Well," said Li Shiba, "this big man from Guangdong, 'Sha Danxiong,' Shen Xiong, won't criticize him." Cantonese call brother "Big Brother." "Sand Gall" means bold. Shen Hsiung is famous all over the world, and it is enough for everyone to mention "Sha Danxiong." There is no need to say his surname at all. The Tiejiao Monk added, "Although Liu Shanxing, who is over seventy years old, lives in Nanjing, he is not too far from here.". But he had something to do with our temple, so I knew he had arrived at Mount Song. He is a very pious layman, and this time he went to Mount Song to attend the Seven Dharma Meeting. "Beating seven" is to work hard within seven days to achieve the goal of "obtaining evidence within seven days". This is the beginning of Zen Buddhism. For those who have been meditating and meditating for decades and have not yet been able to realize the truth, they use the method of working hard day and night for seven days. This method also imitates the spirit of Sakyamuni's enlightenment. At that time, Sakyamuni sat down under the Bodhi tree and vowed that he would never leave his seat if he did not attain enlightenment within seven days. Of course, this oath is terrible. If you do not attain enlightenment, will you not sit until the day of death? So at that time,outdoor whirlpool, Sakyamuni had the intention to die desperately, so his body and mind were thrown into it, and he did not have to sit under the Bodhi tree forever.