Prehistoric immortality

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Light pillars, from the palace, shoot high into the sky, full of infinite majesty. The golden door is hung with a bronze lock, which is only locked.

You know, obviously, different lives, from birth to maturity, have their own cycles. The stronger the blood, the longer the time. Some powerful and special lives, even if they do not practice any magic, will live with heaven and earth, and shine with the sun and the moon. At this time, the importance of life for Shouyuan is far less than that of later generations. Sufficient Reiki can make them easily achieve high achievements. Only some people with foresight and sagacity can infer that the Reiki of heaven and earth is slowly failing. One day, heaven and earth will fall into the exhaustion of Reiki. One day, for the sake of endless Shouyuan, between heaven and earth, There will be countless battles and life-and-death fights. Bi Fang is born noble and incomparable. The spirit of wood and fire is not only contaminated with the innate Yin and Yang of the five elements, but also fused with a drop of the essence and blood of Xuantian Daozun. It is bred in the body of Shifeng. After hundreds of millions of years, it has its own spirit and wisdom. When it comes to heel and foot, it is not inferior to the innate demon God. She wants to really grow to maturity, but it is more need a long and incomparable long years, these, in the eyes of Xuantian Daozun, not important, as long as Bi Fang can get real happiness, then what's the harm? Even if this side of the world is broken, return to chaos, and then play the prehistoric, he also has the strength to protect Bi Fang, from any harm, perhaps, one day, he can really set foot on the road of immortality, achieve immortality, sit on the throne of the immortal king, he can let his relatives, disciples, get rid of the limitations of this side of the world, from now on, the real eternity. Heaven and earth have the end of the day, broken, repeat the world, Xuantian has the strength to cross, but Hongmeng catastrophe, but only the real achievement of immortality, can escape. Looking at the chaotic world,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, Xuantian's eyes seem to be able to see that the slowly rotating Hongmeng source, although at this time there is infinite vitality, infinite vitality, will eventually fail one day, whether it is Hongmeng Sanzu, or his Xuantian, the real pursuit, that is, the real eternal freedom, monstrous power, supreme, in their view, are passing clouds, finally dissipated. Only by achieving immortality can we be detached. For a moment, Xuantian Daozun had a deeper understanding of the operation of the world. Looking around, he felt that everything was so fresh and natural. Vegetation could wither, and there would be a day of regeneration. Heaven and earth could be broken, and there would be a day of repetition. But he wanted to jump out of this cycle and seek true eternity. Tao mind, Tao mind, cultivation, that is, cultivation of the mind. In an instant, stainless steel welded pipe ,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, Xuantian felt that the state of chaos was in front of him, as if it was within reach. The origin of time and space was under his control. He realized the origin of time and space between heaven and earth, broke the way of heaven, achieved the state of chaos, and looked at immortality. The state of chaos is the first step towards immortality. Heaven and earth are like cages. I don't know how many ignorant lives have never known that life, originally, can be detached, so I have never had the idea of detaching from this side of heaven and earth. Heaven and earth are shattered, and they disappear with it. When heaven and earth repeat themselves in the future, there will be another scene. Only the chaotic demons who once lived in the chaotic world can feel it faintly, and those strong people who stand at the peak of thousands of demons can really know that only by achieving the realm of chaos can they have the same longevity as the chaotic world. Otherwise, no matter how powerful you are, your magic power is boundless, and you still have the exhaustion of longevity. The way of heaven, on behalf of heaven, is at the same level with heaven and earth. After all, it is a bird trapped in a cage. Although it is the head of all birds, it is proud and free. It has boundless glory and brilliance. Heaven and earth are shattered, and it is still in danger of death. Sage, mixed sage, supreme, overlooking all living beings, but also in the chess game between heaven and heaven, acting as a chess piece, this is what the sage said that the general trend does not change, the small potential can be changed! The way of heaven plays a game with heaven and earth and controls the general trend, while the sage can only seek his own interests under the general trend, change the small situation, steal opportunities and achieve himself. It is said that the sage is a bandit, but in fact, the one who stands at the peak of heaven and earth is the biggest parasite in heaven and earth, drawing on the origin of heaven and earth and achieving his true self. How many people in this world are qualified to play chess? Xuantian smiled at the corners of his mouth, looked at his eyebrows flashing constantly, looked at his Tianfeng with some worries, and felt warm in his heart. He stroked her hair and comforted her lightly. A faint warmth permeated between them. A moment of eternity, just a seemingly short moment, Xuantian Daozun, as if through countless years. PS: Send the first more! Thanks to the book friends in the world, the other side of the maple leaves have fallen, the attacker's reward! [Chapter 219 of the main text, Fuxi's words, Nuwa's tears] In the sky, in a quiet star field, a magnificent palace is suspended quietly in the air. Light pillars, from the palace, shoot high into the sky, full of infinite majesty. The golden door is hung with a bronze lock, which is only locked. (Baidu Search Hot Book Pavilion Above the gate, there are three big characters floating on the "Imperial Palace", on which the laws of Yin and Yang are interwoven, black and white flow, beautiful and solemn, which is the palace of the emperor of the demon clan, Nu Wa. In the palace, Nu Wa and Fu Xi's brother and sister sat opposite each other. Nu Wa's complexion was somewhat dispirited, her long hair was somewhat messy, and she casually put it behind her shoulder. Her beautiful big eyes also lost their previous glory. At this time, Nu Wa's will was somewhat depressed. On the opposite side of her, Fuxi's face was pale and weak. Although it was only a wisp, it could still hurt him. Moreover, this kind of power was very strange. Fuxi used all kinds of methods, but he was unable to remove the remaining power in his body. That wisp of the last force, attached to his primordial spirit, constantly devouring the primordial spirit in his body, slowly growing, the last force, is also the end of the force, can wither the whole world, the end of heaven and earth. Originated from the world of Hongmeng,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, the power of the end has an incredible power to create all things and extinguish heaven and earth. Unlike Nuwa, Fuxi is still full of endless fighting spirit. He believes that through his own efforts, the two brothers and sisters will eventually reach their peak one day.