I might die if I don't pretend.

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Now he mainly directs and plays the leading actor. I thought they might be able to see some exciting pictures, who knows.

Later, at the Golden Wutong Film Festival, Qian Youyi did not win the Best Actress Award. After all, it was only her first film. Qian Youyi had seen other nominated films. Indeed, compared with the leading actresses in those films, Qian Youyi's acting skills were much worse. It was incredible that he had been nominated. If he really won the Best Actress Award, She really suspected that there was a secret behind the unreliable person. Qian Youyi said this to herself in her heart, but the smile on her face was inevitably a little disappointed when she saw someone else come to the stage to accept the award. Beside her, Ji Hong gently took her hand and whispered to comfort her: "In the future, every movie I make will be for you." They still have such a long time, and one day he will realize Qian Youyi's wish. Qian was stunned for a moment. Even though she knew that the camera might be facing her now, she chose to shake Ji Hong's hand. They looked at each other and smiled. Their eyes were tender and gentle. They stuffed a mouthful of dog food into the audience who were watching the live broadcast. Even if Qian Youyi can't see it now, he can guess that the live broadcast interface should be full of bullet screens shouting "dog abuse". After getting Ji Hong's answer, Qian Youyi has also decided that although she does not know how long she will finish the task, but even if there is only one day, she will choose to spend with Ji Hong. The winner of the Best Picture Award is "Looking up at the Stars". In the last award, the presenter read out the name of the film that won the Best Picture Award. The crew members in the audience opened their mouths in disbelief and were stunned for a second before they suddenly reacted and cheered collectively. Ten years later,304 Stainless Steel Coil, the Chinese film "Looking up at the Starry Sky" finally won this honor again. Both Huaxuan Media and Jihong Studio have made a lot of money as they won the Golden Wutong Best Film Award. Xiao Zixuan has become the youngest and most media boss in the media industry. Yang Wenli's performance in the film has been favored by a Hollywood director. After a guest appearance in a blockbuster, she has been promoted directly from a second-tier actress in China to an international actress. Qian Youyi thought that he would leave this world soon, but in the first month. Mission progress is stuck at 90%, no progress. The second month- Task progress is stuck at 90%, still unfinished. In this way, the money has been waiting for another year,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, even the biger value has been collected to 43230 points, but the progress of the task is still at 90%, the money began to feel something is wrong. Yang Wenli won the Qianhua Award for Best Actress, Xiao Zixuan did not collapse because he learned the truth of Pei Xue, what else did he not do? With such doubts, Qian read the novel again and again, and he had revised all the bad endings, but the only problem was: The hero and heroine are not together yet. The problem should be here, although the host changed the ending, but the hero and heroine are not together, then the task of the world is not actually completed. Qian also felt that the surprise came too suddenly. She asked uncertainly, "So, 304 Stainless Steel Wire ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, as long as Yang Wenli and Xiao Zixuan are not together, I will not leave this world." The system replied.. That's the theory. "Since." For those hosts who concentrate on vicious supporting roles, they are eager to leave these worlds as soon as possible. In this case, they will try their best to make a match, but for Qian Youyi, this is the best ending. · Ten years later, after the Olympic Awards ceremony, the film Beautiful Dark Cloud, directed by Ji Hong and starring Qian Youyi, returned to the Olympic Games and received 13 nominations. Finally, it won three awards: Best Film, Best Actress and Best Director. Long before they returned home, the Internet has been full of rumors about the two, of course, the most of which is the relationship between the two. Since their first film, Starry Night, the two have announced their relationship and quickly got married, and the entertainment industry has been on and off. After the announcement of their relationship, many people speculated that they might not last long, but after so many years, let alone on and off, since Ji Hong turned into a director, his leading actress is only Qian Youyi. A reporter once asked Ji Hong why he did not consider working with other actors. Ji Hong's answer was: "My movie is just to make her." Another reporter asked: "Since this is the case, why has director Ji never considered adding sex scenes to the film?" As soon as the question came out, the eyes of all the people present were focused on the reporter. Ji Hong's previous films had no beds at all. Now he mainly directs and plays the leading actor. I thought they might be able to see some exciting pictures, who knows. They end up thinking too much. There are still no sex scenes, and even the kissing scenes are pitiful. Hearing this question, even Ji Hong himself laughed, and after a while he answered: "Because I don't want to show you." People: "… …" With such a straightforward answer, they were speechless for a moment. This time, two people "Beautiful Dark Cloud" Tu Ao returns, has pushed their popularity to the peak. On the scene of the award ceremony, someone has pulled up the banner of "Hongxue has no regrets for ten years". In order to be able to participate in the selection of the Olympic Awards, plus involving some sensitive issues in the country, Ji Hong simply chose to give up the domestic market and only showed it in cinemas in Los Angeles. This time, he won three awards of the Olympic Awards. Naturally, it was quickly shown in the country. It was also very coincidental that the venue of the premiere ceremony was also the venue of the Thousand Flowers Awards that year. Ten years ago, Qian Youyi said here that "I am the woman who wants to win the golden statue". At that time, many people laughed at her. Today,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, ten years later, she finally got the golden statue back. At seven o'clock in the evening, Ji Hong and Qian Youyi appeared at the venue of the premiere ceremony.