The country is beautiful and fragrant

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After a while, a slender figure in a frost-colored python robe appeared at the door. Eighteen-year-old Shou Wang Ye was tall and straight, with a clear face and immortal wind and bone

Seeing that he stretched out his hand to help her, Song Jianing glanced at Shuang'er, who had dodged to one side, and helplessly put his hand in his palm. As soon as he touche her, he immediately clenched her hand, and that fiery heat immediately spread from his palm to her, as if to burn her. Song Jianing's heart trembled, she was too familiar with Guo Xiao, when he was happy, his expression would be softer than usual, he was angry, not only his eyes would be colder, holding her hand would be as hot as usual. Now, is he angry? Song Jianing stepped out of the carriage stiffly. Guo Xiao released his hand in time and walked side by side with her. As he walked, he said, "I've been stuffy in the house for so long. Did you blame my eldest brother for not taking good care of you that day?" Encouraged by King Shou, Song Jianing had already got over it and said politely, "Big Brother is right. How can I blame you? If Big Brother hadn't saved me in time, I might have choked a few more mouthfuls of water." She was teasing, Guo Xiao looked at her unexpectedly, just as the soft autumn light came from the west, her face was white and red, her delicate skin was bright and clean, so tender that even a hair could not be seen, and her red lips were like attractive cherries. If she was aware of it, she pursed her lips and lowered her eyes. Guo Xiao withdrew his sight and said in a deep voice,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, "He doesn't deserve you. Ann doesn't have to worry any more. You deserve better." Song Jianing only felt harsh and did not want to hear him call her by her nickname. The front is Linyun Hall, Guo Xiao suddenly stamped his foot and ordered her: "Reach out." Song Jianing startled, subconsciously looked up, saw Guo Xiao slightly looking down at her, with a smile, eyes she had never seen the gentle. Like a ferocious wolf suddenly turning into a gentle horse, Song Jianing was so shocked that when he called her to raise her hand in a softer voice, Song Jianing did so blankly. As soon as he lifted it up, he put two things with his body heat in her palm. Song Jianing bowed his head and his hand left,Magnesium Sulphate producer, leaving only two red winter dates, big, red and round, almost occupying her palm. On the way, I saw a jujube tree beside the road. All the jujubes at the bottom had been picked, but only a few were left at the top of the tree. I knew you and Brother Mao loved to eat them, so I went up and picked four. You can eat these two yourself, and I'll give them to him later. Guo Xiao looked at her surprised eyes and said. She used to be afraid of him because he didn't show it, but now he has to let her know that she has a man who loves her most. Thank you, big brother. Song Jianing tried to show a happy smile, but his heart was confused. Suddenly good to her, Guo Xiao is to want to be a good brother to comfort the stepsister who lost the marriage, or, he scruples about the identity of two people dare not forcibly take advantage of her, to coax her? Just like Liang Shao to the third sister, obviously hypocritical and heartless, but shows the affection of the desire to speak. Holding the two winter jujubes, Song Jianing was upset. On the one hand, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,dap diammonium phosphate, he was afraid that he had wronged Guo Xiao, who wanted to be his elder brother. On the other hand, he instinctively thought the worst of him and could not put down his guard all the time. Dinner Guo Xiao in Linyun Hall, Mao brother especially like him, and let Guo Xiao hold to eat, at night also want to sleep with his brother. The boy has to be fed at night. Milk Lin Shi was afraid of disturbing Guo Xiao's sleep and forbade his son to go. Brother Mao held Guo Xiao's neck and refused to let go. Guo Xiao smiled and expressed his willingness to take care of his brother. Brotherly affection is good, Guo Boyan is happy to see its success, agreed, call wet nurse to follow the past. Song Jianing sat quietly aside, watching Guo Xiao take away his brother, Song Jianing secretly touched the two dates in his sleeve, really hope that day on the mountain, Guo Xiao just can't help it for a while, hoping that his reason can successfully suppress that desire. Two people have common relatives, stepparents and brother, if Guo Xiao is confused, the family will not live in peace. The two dates, Song Jianing did not eat after all, to reward the vigil of the six. In the first watch, when Song Jianing had already got into bed and fell into a light sleep, Zhao Heng was still sitting at his desk in Shouwangfu next door, holding an ink pen in his hand, but he did not fall down for a long time. Fu father-in-law slightly bent over the desk a few steps away, listening to the sound of Bangzi in the street, although Fu father-in-law wanted to persuade the master to rest early, but looking at the memorial in front of the master, Fu father-in-law still kept his mouth shut. He had served his master for as long as he could remember, and tonight was the first time he had watched his master write memorials instead of practicing calligraphy and painting. Do not write early or late, in the palace of Chu to see the four girls side to write, is the master finally figured out, to ask the emperor to marry? If so, the master stayed up all night to write, he did not feel bad! Fu Gonggong thought loyally, but Zhao Heng did not let him stay for a night, holding the pen and sitting quietly for a long time, once the pen was completed at one go. Finished writing, put aside for a moment to allow the ink to dry, Zhao Heng closed the memorial, looked up at Fu father-in-law. Fu Gong took the hint and immediately went out to order the little eunuch to prepare water and serve his master as usual. The next day, after the self-proclaimed king left the palace, Zhao Heng, the king of Shou, took the initiative to enter the palace for the first time. Usually, there was a banquet in the palace. Emperor Xuande ordered his sons to come, so he would show up. He counted the time to come. Emperor Xuande had finished the morning court and discussed important matters with his ministers. He was reviewing the memorial handed over by Zhongshu Province in the Chongzheng Hall. Hearing the great eunuch Wang En say that King Shou was coming, Emperor Xuande raised his eyebrows in surprise and looked at the door. "Xuan," he said. After a while, a slender figure in a frost-colored python robe appeared at the door. Eighteen-year-old Shou Wang Ye was tall and straight, with a clear face and immortal wind and bone. In terms of appearance alone, the third Lord Shou Wang was the first prince worthy of the name. Emperor Xuande was both proud and sorry that his son was so rich, as if there were flaws in the beautiful jade. Why did you enter the palace today? Emperor Xuande put down his red pen and asked calmly. Ask your father to marry me. Zhao Heng looked as usual, took out the memorial in his sleeve, and handed it to Wang En with both hands. Wang En had come to his senses and bent down to take the memorial. Smiling, he handed it to Emperor Xuande. "The old slave said that the year before last, Wang Ye was still young and not enlightened. No, as soon as he met the girl he liked, Wang Ye immediately asked the emperor to make decisions." Hearing this,Magnesium Oxide price, Emperor Xuande leaned back in his chair and opened the memorial with a smile: My father: Yesterday, I went to Brother Wang's house to see Brother Sheng. I happened to meet the four girls of Wei Gong's mansion. The four girls befriended Mrs. Wang and were invited to visit the mansion. This girl's beautiful appearance is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. I am pleased with her, and I implore my father to marry her.