Royal pet daughter-in-law by Caitian

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Come and explain them to me." He asked one by one. This whole set of plans, although basically from Lu Qinglan's handwriting

The father and son had just finished discussing a political matter when Zhang Xiu presented the note of the three princesses to the emperor. After taking the memorial of the three princesses, the emperor smiled. "I have urged her three times and four times, and she has finally come up with something." The reason why the emperor gave such an important thing to the three princesses was to exercise and test her ability. When they saw that what the emperor said was humorous and interesting, they immediately laughed. The emperor originally did not have much hope for this article, the third princess is his own daughter, what kind of person she is, he knows best. In his mind, there must be a lot of mistakes and omissions in her article. The reason why she was so anxious to see Tiaochen was to give her time to change. But when the emperor read ten lines at a glance, he was surprised. The three princesses brought forth new ideas for the arrangement of the Hundred Flowers Banquet, and came up with many very novel and practical ideas. The whole plan was so perfect that it could be described as seamless. The emperor could hardly believe his eyes. He couldn't help laughing and said, "This girl has really made progress!" No matter where Lu Ching-lan was, Hsiao Shao-chueh always looked at her with concern, and he naturally knew what was going on. He knew what the little girl was capable of, so he never worried about the flower party. He smiled and casually took the Chen from the emperor's hand and looked at it for a moment with some shock. He guessed that Lu Qinglan could cope with such a large banquet, but he did not expect her to conceive so delicately and arrange so well. He tried to suppress the shock in his heart. "Father," said Emperor Jiahe,teardrop pallet racking, "it seems that the third sister has a superior person around her." Emperor Jiahe also guessed this. He nodded and said, "Even Song Guipin doesn't have the ability to coordinate. Where did this girl get the help?" Xiao Shao-chueh had a slight movement in her heart. He had always wanted to marry Lu Ching-lan as his concubine, but her identity had always been a big problem. If he is just an ordinary prince to say, he is now all over the world, not married was named prince, Lu Qinglan or the daughter of a six-grade minor official, even if Lu Qinglan is willing to marry him,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, the emperor may not be able to agree with him to marry such a low status of a woman as the imperial concubine. Today is just an opportunity to ask the emperor to see Lu Qinglan's ability. So Hsiao Shao-chueh pretended to be surprised and suggested, "I'm very curious, too.". "Now that the father has time, why don't you call the emperor's sister over and ask her, and then you'll know everything?" The emperor was in a good mood. "That's all right," he said with a smile. He ordered people to go down and deliver a message. Chapter Table of Contents 136 | Changes Sangong Lord received the emperor's oral instructions, understand that the emperor is to ask some details of the flower banquet, hurriedly took Lu Qinglan to build the first hall to see him. Want to read almost all the books ah, than the general novel site to a lot of stability, but also faster updates, the whole text without advertising. F/H/Xiao/Shuo/C/o/m] Only Lu Qinglan knows the whole plan of the palace banquet. The three princesses just know a general idea and let her say where she can say clearly. The third princess comforted Lu Qinglan as she walked, industrial racking systems ,metal racking systems, saying, "Don't be nervous, Baoer. My father is very kind." She thought Lu Qinglan was the first time to see him, and she didn't know how nervous she was going to be. Where to know Lu Qinglan has lived in the palace for more than ten years, has long been accustomed to this set, where there is half a minute of tension. "I'm not nervous," she laughed. The three princesses looked at her and saw that she was as calm as ever, and they were greatly impressed. Boa, you're so awesome. Aren't you even afraid of my father? Lu Qinglan smiled, she was really not afraid. The two men walked to the gate of the Jianshi Hall. Zhang Xiuying came out and brought them into the Jianshi Hall. Lu Qinglan followed the three princesses to give a big gift to Emperor Jiahe. Emperor Jiahe looked up and saw a little girl dressed in pea green following the three princesses. She stepped forward step by step. The etiquette of the action was very standard. The three princesses compared with her, as if she were a princess and the three princesses were an official girl. The emperor was amazed. When he saw Lu Qinglan's appearance, he was even more stunned. The girl, with her picturesque features and elegant temperament, turned out to be a fairy figure that she had never seen before. Emperor Jiahe had read countless people in his life, but he had never seen a few girls with such aptitude. Emperor Jiahe ordered the two men to get up. The third princess called out brightly, "Brother Nine." Only then did Lu Ching-lan see Hsiao Shao-chueh sitting on a chair at the head of Emperor Jiahe. She hurriedly greeted Hsiao Shao-chueh. There was a rare smile on Hsiao Shao-chueh's calm and cold face. He was already good-looking, and such a smile was simply amazing. Lu Qinglan did not dare to look more and hurriedly lowered his eyelids. Emperor Jiahe said with a smile, "I've read the note of the third girl. It's well written." "The father felt satisfied, and finally the minister's efforts were not in vain these days." The three princesses were affirmed by their father and jumped for joy. Emperor Jiahe said with a smile, "You've got a lot of ideas here that I've never heard of. Come and explain them to me." He asked one by one. This whole set of plans, although basically from Lu Qinglan's handwriting, but most of the details have been discussed with the three princesses, so the three princesses can also say eight. Nine is not far from ten 。 At the beginning, she could answer some of the questions the emperor asked very smoothly. However, Emperor Jiahe, after all, had experienced the ups and downs of the official world for a long time. On weekdays, all he saw were high-ranking officials of the empire. Old Youtiao, who had been operating in the officialdom for many years, knew the skills of questioning best. With the deepening of the conversation, when the emperor asked some core questions, such as why he had adopted such an arrangement, and what were the advantages and benefits of these arrangements compared with before, the three princesses could not answer them. The three princesses were not stingy people, and had never thought of taking all the credit, so they ran to Lu Qinglan's side and pushed her into the field. "Father, these ideas are all the ideas that Baoer helped me come up with. The credit here is her greatest. If you have anything to ask, just ask her." Lu Qinglan was about to face the emperor's question alone. She took a devilish look at Xiao Shaojue,heavy duty rack manufacturers, who was sitting at the head of the emperor. Unexpectedly, Xiao Shaojue nodded slightly at her, her eyes full of encouragement.