The man has to be coaxed every day.

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Wang Ye face more and more black, even the food can not eat, directly kicked out of the door. His violent temper is getting more and more lovely.

The old man came out with the medicine and found that the atmosphere was completely different. He looked at the prince and the princess, both with smiles on their faces and tight lips. He dared not ask. Quickly help the princess finish the medicine, the other party sent out of the door, dare to gasp for breath. —— In the capital, as long as a little thing happens, it becomes everyone's entertainment after tea and dinner, from the common people to the dignitaries, all of them are talking about two women. Xu Ruyan! Princess The former wanted to fly to the branches to become a phoenix, and wanted to climb up the big tree of Wang Ye at the expense of sex, but he hugged the princess blindly and was scolded by the other party and ran away crying. He heard that Luo Yi was about to fall down, but he was still running and dragging. The latter married into the palace and became the wife of the irascible prince. As the saying goes, the husband sings with the wife. The original gentle and lovely character has all changed. She has become a Tigress with her arms akimbo, sweeping all the women around the prince who want to be close to her. As a result, she held the position of princess and was unwilling to share her husband with other women. Tang Yu took Mu Huanyan's hand and walked on the street, one white and one black, handsome men and beautiful women. When a woman sees something new, she will pull the man's sleeve excitedly and point it out to the man constantly. The man will only watch it quietly and smile helplessly. After a while, behind the Qin Lou hands holding a lot of things, originally let cardamom hold,metal racking systems, can be taken away by Qin Lou. The people who had been gossiping in a low voice stopped one after another when they saw Tang Yu and pretended to do their own thing. Wang Ye, do you feel that others are pointing at us? Holding the drum in her hand, she felt the sight behind her and felt uncomfortable all over. Tang Yu glanced behind his back and frightened the people to withdraw their sight. It's just some gossip among the people. Tang Yu pulled Mu Huanyan to his side and walked a lot faster. Jiaqing Restaurant is not far from the hospital, across the street. From the door, you can see a sea of people inside, and many people are still waiting outside the door. As soon as Tang Yu went in, a waiter came to receive him. Wang Ye,shuttle rack system, this way, please. Tang Yu led them up to the second floor and chose a very quiet room. Waiter cut a pot of Longjing tea and went out. The diners downstairs whispered when they saw the waiter coming out. Did you see that? The woman with a gentle appearance is actually a princess. She doesn't look like a jealous woman. "It's not necessarily real in front of us. We're pulling and pulling in public in broad daylight, and the two hands are almost linked together." "I think the princess is very good, and when she meets some women who specially attack men, she has to stand outside." A woman looked at her husband beside her, and the meaning was clear in her eyes. The husband shrugged his neck and lost his appetite for the food in front of him. At this time, a man dressed in khaki clothes came in, holding a woman in one hand, the woman dressed in exposed, soft as boneless hands climbed up the man's chest. When the diners saw the man, they stopped talking. Just those words all enter Xu Dongran's ears, originally he is to come in to have a meal with the beauty, who knows to hear his sister's bad words, industrial racking systems ,asrs warehouse, in the heart is very angry. Everyone said that his younger sister was sure to outdo the princess with her beauty. Besides, I'll tear your mouths apart! Xu Dongran loosened the beauty in his arms, raised his feet and kicked down the table in front of him. Because of his obesity, he almost fell down. Thanks to the support of the servants behind him, he escaped the disaster. Seeing the diners laughing, he stood firm and broke away from the servants. What are you laughing at? Come out if you have the guts. Push a few people in front of you and sweep down the dishes on the table. The fat hand picked up the dish and smashed it in the face of the people nearby. Xu Dongran, don't go too far. This restaurant doesn't belong to your Xu family, it belongs to Wang Ye! From the corner stood a man, elegant, dressed in light green clothes, holding a fan in his hand. This man is the younger brother of Mei Guifei, Enron. Everyone knows that the emperor dotes on the queen, and they love each other, but the ministers also know that the emperor's favorite is the imperial concubine, and going to the queen's bedroom is nothing more than for the people to see. The eyebrow imperial concubine enters the palace two years, from promised to rise directly to the imperial concubine, but also gave the eyebrow character. Anfu must be highly valued by the emperor. So what about Wang Ye? Princess, she is a jealous woman. My sister is beautiful and moving. No one in the city knows it. That happy face is just a Tigress holding a medicine jar. She can only roar. Xu Dongran shouted and spat at Enron. Suddenly, the door on the second floor was kicked open directly, and the diameter of the door frame flew down to the first floor, making a great noise. "Who dares to say the princess of the king?" Chapter 14 The crowd did not dare to raise their heads and stood still. Xu Dongran opened his pupils wide and dared not look up. He was very familiar with the voice just now. Suddenly a board fell directly from the second floor, hitting Xu Dongran's brain hole, so painful that he covered his mouth tightly and dared not make a sound. Oh, I'm sorry, I slipped just now. He stood at the edge of the fence on the second floor with a happy smile, his eyes sweeping at Xu Dongran. Just downstairs words clearly into her and Wang Ye's ears, originally she did not want to pay attention to, but Wang Ye face more and more black, even the food can not eat, directly kicked out of the door. His violent temper is getting more and more lovely. Found around a pair of people have long known the expression, Xu Dongran regret, the original Wang Ye has long been inside the restaurant. What he said before. "Wang Ye." Princess.. Xu Dongran covered his head and slowly raised it, showing a smile that was uglier than crying. Tang Yu waved his hand, and Qin Lou suddenly appeared and stood behind Wang Ye. Give him a beating to sober him up. "Yes!" Qin Lou bent down and said. Xu Dongran was so frightened by this that he knelt on the ground with weak legs and kept kowtowing. Wang Ye, go around me. I'm talkative. I shouldn't talk nonsense. A punch on Xu Dongran's left face swelled up in an instant. Qin Lou exercises every day, and he used to fight with Wang Ye on the battlefield, and his strength was greater than the usual bodyguards. The strength that hits Xu Dongran does not show mercy at all, one punch at a time, beating without expression. Just like I used to practice in the barracks. After a while, Xu Dongran, whose face was covered with bruises, fell to the ground, and no one dared to come forward to help him. The two women,automated warehouse systems, who had been wearing revealing clothes, had run away as early as Tang Yu came out. When the servants saw Qin Lou's skill, they only dared to hide in the corner to reduce their sense of existence.