Zhibei Tour _ Luoshui _ txt Novel Paradise

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I don't know how long it took, but I felt that the sky was dark and the earth was dim, and that a faint mind was like a remnant of Mars

At the bottom, there was a large bulge, pointed at both ends and oval in the middle, like a huge closed eye. When we fell to the bottom of the cave, our eyes suddenly opened. It is the most gloomy abyss, the most rotten flesh and blood, the most vicious evil spirit. These are "its" eyes! We sank into our eyes, and then they closed behind us. Suddenly there were mountains on all sides, and the steep and dangerous peaks were covered with snow. The cold wind whistled from the sky and made my clothes ring. White clouds hang low, as if you could reach out and touch them. Looking down, the scenery is like ants. I stood blankly on the top of the mountain. Was it a strange world, or did I fall into a fantasy again? Chu Du was not far away, staring blankly at an ancient tree towering into the clouds, proud and majestic. Branches like iron, frost skin and dragon scales, ancient trees like towering giants, insufferably proud, clank branches and leaves can not be shaken by the wind, emitting a fierce and compelling power. There is not a blade of grass around, and the mole ants are extinct. Occasionally, vultures fly high in the sky,MBR reactor, far away from the old trees, and fly far away before making a strange "wow" sound. Sha Luo Tieshu! It was like the deepest string in my heart was touched, and a hoarse cry came out of my mouth. I stared at it and walked slowly, step by step. Like the most gorgeous fireworks, the Saros Iron Tree tempts me, the moth, to approach. Stop! Chu Du shouted. But I couldn't help myself, and I walked through it step by step. Like stepping into a river of time,filter nozzle, I can only drift with the waves. Sha Luo Tie Shu shook suddenly, as if trying to resist my approach. But at this moment, nothing can stop me, like a thirsty traveler rushing to the sweet spring in the desert, like a weak lamb, unable to escape the attack of hungry wolves, like the shining fruit of fate, ripe at this moment. The trees are full of white flowers blooming in an instant, like snow and clouds. I seem to have fallen into a dream. At the foot of the mountain, there was a deafening roar. Flags are flying. The head of the demon moved, and countless monsters crawled at the foot of the mountain, bowing and shouting. I stand on the top of the mountain, in the trees full of white flowers, in the place closest to the sky. I am the brightest star in the magic sky! "Impossible!" Chu Du's green shirt trembled and suddenly burst out with a roar. I have never seen him lose his temper like this, disc air diffuser ,fine bubble diffuser, suspicious, unwilling, resentful and sad. I clearly felt the murder in his eyes. Then wake up. He looked at me, and I looked at him, and we were like heaven. No, it's true. It's not an illusion. My lips are dry and my heart is pounding. Tieshu blossoms. The Demon Lord was born. This sentence was pressed in my throat like a raging fire. It's burning my blood. What does it mean that the Saros tree is in full bloom for me? I dare not think about it, but I can't help thinking about it. Is this a piece of the future? We entered a river of time at the same time? How many years will this happen? "This is just one of the infinite possibilities of time." After a long time, Chu Du said in an astringent voice. It's just an illusion. I forced a laugh, but the laughter was trembling, dragging a hoarse coda. This is just one of the infinite possibilities of time. Chu Du repeated, his voice as cold as a thousand years of ice. You are here, too. The Saros tree is blooming for you. I spoke with difficulty. The air seemed to be frozen, dull and depressing. This is just one of the infinite possibilities of time. Chu Du said slowly. Sha Luo Tie Shu blooms only for himself. "Find a way out of this fantasy first." I clumsily changed the subject, but I knew in my heart that a poisonous seed had been buried deep in my heart and Chu Du's heart, and could no longer be removed. Fortunately, I forced Chu Du to make a promise not to kill the three of us earlier, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable. Temporarily collecting distracting thoughts, I used the "thorn" formula of divine consciousness and meteorology to rush to the sky, trying to break through the illusion by force. Out of the corner of my eye. Chu Du stood upright in place, like a silent and lonely stone statue. The external force of resentment rushes into the divine consciousness. This time, the external force was countless times stronger than in the past, and almost pulled my divine consciousness out in an instant. My head seemed to swell to explode. In the divine consciousness, thousands of whirlpools whirled, seven emotions and six desires leapt one after another, and the seeds of reincarnation sorcery were broken between the eyebrows. The three parties worked together to fight hard. Horrible strange eyes appeared in the divine consciousness like ghosts, and in an instant, the mind was empty, and the divine consciousness poured out like a flood, almost completely losing consciousness. I don't know how long it took, but I felt that the sky was dark and the earth was dim, and that a faint mind was like a remnant of Mars, shining in a very distant place. There, as if in another world, there were raging rivers filled with black gas everywhere. No matter how crazy the external force of resentment rises, the spark of a little mind will never be extinguished. I really felt that this Mars belonged not only to me, but also to that distant foreign land, to another soul breathing together. You see that? This is the power of the oneness of you and me, the power of two selves! I seem to hear the dragon butterfly laughing, "This is the power of reincarnation!"! Is the power to subvert life and death! It is the life's dream to fight against the law of heaven and earth, against the power of Tao! The faint spark slowly swelled, and one thought turned into a hundred thoughts, and a hundred thoughts turned into ten thousand thoughts, like torches lit up all over the mountains and plains in the darkness. With a "boom" in his mind, the divine consciousness rolled back. Bang, my body rolled involuntarily and crashed into a soft fragrant body. Gan Ning really holds me tightly. We are drifting in a strange world. Back at last! In the divine consciousness, the soul of the moon and the moon feel relieved. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by invisible waves,Belt Filter Press, sometimes gentle and sometimes violent. Gan Zhen and I went up and down with the waves, and Chu Du was right behind me, looking at me with complicated eyes.