How to regain access to your Coinbase account?

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Coinbase Wallet Login consumers all of the aid and information they need for their crypto trading in one spot, making investors’ life simpler as they come. more apprehensive of the data and information that have been going on in the crypto request, making their crypto trading more comfor

Coinbase Wallet Login offers an excellent experience for its users and is an ideal platform to trade for all crypto traders. By offering lots of exclusive features, it is surely dominating the crypto industry.

Users can buy, sell and trade more than 120 cryptocurrencies using this platform. But, you may find some issues while logging in to your Coinbase account.

All these issues are easily resolvable, but in case, you are not able to access your Coinbase login account, you have to retrieve it. So, in this blog post, I am going to elaborate on the same – “How to regain access to your Coinbase?” Let’s begin it without any further ado.

In order to regain your account, here are a few things that will be needed. Have a look at them before beginning the process of retrieving your Coinbase login account.

What you’ll need:

  • Your Coinbase login password
  • Your 2-step verification procedure is accessible

Approach to regain access to your Coinbase login account

  1. Use your existing email address and password to log in.
  2. Input your 2-step verification code into the box.
  3. Choose "Verify your new device" when you will be asked to do so.
  4. Pick up the "Update my email” option available on the screen.
  5. Decide on a sort of ID which you want to submit for verification.

Note- There is one remarkable point for US customers - Coinbase only accepts valid driver’s licenses issued by the states.

Well, still you can have issues if you don’t have your Coinbase password, then you have to take the help of Customer support. Reach out to the page, configure the contact details, and ask the representative to retrieve your Coinbase account.

There is one more problem that you can face if your 2FA is not enabled. And, because we are trying to give you the solution for your every query, we will definitely provide the solution for this problem as well.

Yes! You read it right. You can figure this out by visiting the help page of Coinbase. Visit that page and go to the troubleshooting tips. You will see “2-Step verification troubleshooting” there. Go through the given procedure and configure the solution of your query.

Bottom line

As I have explained at the get-go of this write-up, Coinbase has a prominent face in the crypto industry as it has advanced trading features to support active traders as well as good-to-go with newcomers because of its easy-to-navigate interface.

In this write-up, I have driven a solution for a quite common problem of several users that how to regain access to our Coinbase login account. So, wrapping it up with the hope that you have understood the procedure thoroughly and found it helpful for you.