Agent Rebirth: Quickly Wear Almighty Goddess

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Now Ye Ke has been recruited by the National Laboratory and brought new software to Ye Ye's profit has increased by 5

Now Ye Ke has been recruited by the National Laboratory and brought new software to Ye Ye's profit has increased by 5 percentage points recently Ye Shaohua has gone away In the future there will be no loss for the Ye family without this daughter Ye Ke had just come down from upstairs and when she heard Ye Mu's words she chuckled It seems that in this life she did not have to start Ye Shaohua on their own to a dead end A few days later a coffee shop in downtown Ningcheng Gu Jingyan sat by the window seat beside him also sat a tall and Water Treatment Chemicals straight man Gu Jingyan this face in the entertainment circle is also rare handsome but in front of this man is still pale Just then a slender figure asked the waiter and went straight to their table Gu Jingyan shook his hand "Don't tell me you are the Great God of Y!" The man beside him heard his words and finally raised his head The sun shone through the window and the cold face on the side was printed with a little warm color Seem to feel Xu line of sight Ye Shaohua originally looked down at the head of the mobile phone so raised a pair of black and white clear eyes into the eyes of two people She put the laptop in her hand on the table then looked at the two men opposite frowning slightly "Why not like" Gu Jingyan opened his mouth After a while he wiped his face and said with an expressionless face "I just didn't expect that the legendary God Y was so young" "What can't your family find" Hearing this Ye Shaohua said carelessly "I'm afraid my family has been checked out by you right" "How could it be Miss Ye misunderstood How can we find out Y's information" The man beside Gu Jingyan chuckled and his eyebrows and eyes were thin Ye Shaohua glanced at him and did not speak He just turned on his laptop reached out his hand and typed a few lines of code on it Then he aimed the computer screen at the two of them "Gu Jingyun the third young man of the Gu family in Beijing passed the Global 001 Training Camp at the age of 18 took control of the Chinese Intelligence Bureau at the age of 20 was named Major General at the time of 25 and became the head of the Chinese Hacker Alliance at the age 26" The prime minister of T country lives under your nose right You said you couldn't find my information and I believed it After listening to Ye Shaohua's words even Gu Jingyan looked at Gu Jingyun in disbelief These top secret information must not even be known to Gu's family Gu Jingyun was stupefied for a moment He looked at Ye Shaohua and finally smiled helplessly "Yes I can't hide it from you" "All right that's it Don't mess with me in the future" Ye Shaohua put the computer in his backpack pushed the chair away and left Gu Jingyun sat on the chair and did not move but Gu Jingyan was anxious "third brother I'm going to find her!" Not far from the coffee shop Ye Ke sat in the car and saw Gu Jingyan chasing Ye Shaohua at a glance The two of them were still pulling "Stop the car!" Her face changed greatly When she got out of the car and found Ye Shaohua she found that Gu Jingyan was no longer there Ye Ke looked at Ye Shaohua and his tone changed significantly "How could you be with Gu Shao" Ye Shaohua's main good fortune in his previous life was to take care of his family She has done so many things in her life why can Ye Shaohua still be so familiar with Gu Jingyan China Chemicals Suppliers "What's it to you" Ye Shaohua took a look at Ye Ke the corners of his mouth slightly hooked and did not give the other side time to react directly into the sea of people When Ye Ke returned to Ye's home he was somewhat out of condition Ye's father and mother were both there but recently Ye Ke often wandered around so it was not surprising that they just said something at random At that moment the telephone in the living room rang and the housekeeper picked it up but he did not speak for a long time after saying "yes" Ye Fu was a little surprised "What's wrong" "Yes" It was the headmaster of the eldest lady who called and said that the score of the college entrance examination had come down The housekeeper felt his voice floating College entrance examination scores Ye Fu Wen Yan eyebrows directly twist up "she can also test what score" Ye Mu pretended to sigh "I heard that teacher Zhang of Class One refused to teach her just because of her grades Hey this child is not obedient either Otherwise it would be better to listen to your arrangement and enter a school" Hearing the words of Ye's father and mother Ye Ke reacted and his fluctuating heart was slightly calm It's all right last life Ye Shaohua but took an ordinary two this life without the Ye family what school can she go to Thinking of this she finally put her heart down all the way It was at this time that Ye's housekeeper looked at Ye's father with a complicated face "Miss" She got the first place in the city no in the province -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Thanks to everyone's care Huahua finally Forest Chemicals rose to the silver medal today and I can still remember the excitement when she rose to the bronze medal But there is still a long way to go and we still have to go on together right Huafu will always be here right There is nothing to thank you today Xiaoxiang message lv1 above everyone award 30xxb finally really thank you for your support to Huahua Mada! Chapter 7 rich and powerful ladies (7) This is There is only one provincial champion in a year and he is still 30 points higher than the second place Mrs Ye who had been waiting to say two sarcastic words suddenly froze the gentle smile on her face when she heard this Mrs Ye could not help clenching the cup in her hand She stared at the housekeeper "Housekeeper are you sure this is true" With her grades how could she be the champion of the province Didn't you say that the head teacher of Class One wouldn't accept her "Absolutely true" Ye butler took a deep breath "the principal will not take this matter to deceive us he also said that Ningcheng Xinbao and the Education Bureau to interview the eldest lady" Ye Ke suddenly turned his head to look at the housekeeper took his phone and asked the headmaster opposite several words until he got a positive answer her whole face became gloomy in an instant Seeing Ye Ke with such an expression Ye butler and others were in a daze They had never seen the gentle Ye Ke look so horrible However Ye Ke did not care about them and she was a little neurotic No it shouldn't be like this Ye Ke hung up the phone no one remembers more clearly than she did in her last life and Ye Shaohua only got an ordinary second book which was still the result of the first class