Enemy of glory

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"We have covered half the distance, and one more arrow should be able to reach the Egyptian border." Arash looked out and

"We have covered half the distance, and one more arrow should be able to reach the Egyptian border." Arash looked out and reported to Hilgner. Hilgner's heart was still beating wildly, and in such an extreme environment, even though he had given himself several layers of protection, he could not resist the arrhythmia caused by the body's instinctive sense of weightlessness. Hill, are you all right? Arash noticed something was wrong with Hilgner and asked, holding the white-haired prince worriedly. Whew. Fortunately, since there is only half of the journey, we should finish it quickly. The longer it takes, the worse it gets. Hilgner shook his head, indicating that he was all right. Arash nodded, found the bow that had sunk deep into the ground, and with a little effort, pulled out the bow with only one tail left. Fortunately, the things sold by the merchant were still strong, the iron plate was only slightly deformed, and people could still sit on it. Arash knocked on the iron plate and pulled back the deformed part-should he say that he was a strong hero? He could even pull the iron plate with his bare hands. Soon, another flight began, and this time Hilgner was ready to look up at the sky. The sky is slightly dim, but you can still see the stars in the sky like a waterfall, forming a bright spot of light. The universe is so vast, and the human beings standing under the stars are so small. Hilgener's blue eyes reflected the twinkling stars, and his heart was suddenly enlightened, and he had made a decision about his future. Thank you, Arash. Hilgner buried his head back on Arash's back, shielding his eyes from the wind, and murmured. He has decided to stay on this land, there are so many things to do, he can not leave everything. If this is the end of his life of continuous reincarnation, Hilgner will gladly enter the territory of death and sleep peacefully; if his journey continues, Hilgner will have no regrets in his heart and no regrets in his actions. When they stepped on the solid ground again, they were still some distance away from the kings of Egypt, but the place where they stayed was not good, it was in the desert. Unfortunately, the iron plates that can carry people have been completely torn apart, precision welded tubes ,side impact door beams, even if chains and bows and arrows can still be used, without vehicles, or human Hilgner can not bear. I'm sorry, but it looks like we're going to have to walk on our legs next. Arash said guiltily. If I had known this, I should have prepared another iron plate. "It doesn't matter. We have shortened a long distance. Thebes is ahead. The next step is to walk." Hilgner shook his head and comforted him. Besides, Hilgener was already dizzy and tinnitus after taking two such bows and arrows, and his heart would not be able to stand it again. There is a small oasis in the southeast. Let's go there to rest our feet and see if we can buy a camel. Alash is indeed a necessary person for monastic travel, and with his clairvoyant skills, he soon found an oasis. Hilgener nodded and stepped on the yellow sand to the oasis step by step. When they arrived at the oasis, they received an unprecedented warm welcome: "Lord Prophet!" "Saint Moses!" "Lord Moses!" When the residents of the oasis saw Hilgener's face, they swarmed around him. What Hilgener's eyes widened in astonishment, and Arash stood in front of him. When the fire lit up the oasis residents, Hilgener found that the oasis residents were slaves who had worked under him. Tonight the saint has come to our home. Let's hold a grand banquet! "Bring up the wine!"! Kill a fat lamb to welcome our guest! "Sing!"! Let's dance! Let our prophets and saints be at home! Arash felt no malice, and the warm smiles of the people melted Hilgener's vigilance. They were quickly pushed to the main seat and sat with the people responsible for leading and managing them. When Hilgner stopped making cards, he asked his spies to let the slaves go far away. Anyway, the magic contract would prevent them from revealing the news of Hilgner in any way, but the people were not afraid of Hilgner. Instead, he acted as.. The prophet who redeemed them? But from an objective point of view, Hilgner gave these slaves work, fed them, paid them, did not kill them after they finished, and even took them to this oasis, so that they could live peacefully. It was indeed a compassionate saint who was so kind to slaves. Chapter 71 the Great Hero of Persia. "Welcome our Lord Prophet to Midian!" "Girls, dance!"! Dedicate the most beautiful dance to our guests! In this oasis, a warm bonfire was lit, and many young girls glanced at Arash and wanted to ask him to dance with them. It's not that Hilgner is unpopular, but that he is regarded as a prophet, which makes these girls feel awe and naturally dare not make mistakes. However, the dance and singing with great vitality and beauty made Hilgener's face, which was filled with all kinds of heavy thoughts, slightly relaxed. The brown-skinned inhabitants of Midian offered wine and dancing to Hilgener until the bonfire went out naturally and everyone fell asleep. Hilgener was awakened by a warm tongue, and when he opened his eyes, he saw a white, colorless lamb. When the lamb saw Hilgner open his blue eyes, he lowered his head and bit his hair gently, pulling it with a force that would not make Hilgner feel pain. The black eyes seemed to contain wisdom and were telling him something. Hilgener sat up, clutching his dizzy brain,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, and found the whole oasis in a peaceful sleep. Even Arash was lying on the blanket, fast asleep. Hilgner pushed him, but he still didn't wake up.