The matchmaker is marrying: the husband of the ghost king, be gentle

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"Mei." Everything around me was dark, and I could only hear my father's last words: "I have given the ring to your husband

"Mei." Everything around me was dark, and I could only hear my father's last words: "I have given the ring to your husband, and my father is relieved. Mei, live, live well!" I shouted, "Mom, Dad!"! Don't leave me, Amei will save you! I'll be with you all my life! When I shouted like this, I woke myself up alive. My eyes were already dark, the sound of ticking water was ringing in my ears, and my forehead was still against the palm of Mori Night. When I shouted, his hand was slowly removed. Chapter 188 I was already in tears: "Mori night, Mori night!"! I just had a dream. I dreamed of my parents! They let me live well. [Http://] Netdisk Resource Search, Netdisk Search Artifact (Novels, Movies, TV Series) I began to cry. Mori held me in her arms with her backhand. Her voice was very calm. "I know, Meier, don't cry.". I asked you to have that dream just now. He wiped away my tears: "I just felt a trace of Yin Qi left on the ring, which belongs to your father's Yin Qi. I think maybe he has something to tell you, so I borrowed some means to let you dream of them.." He sighed. "That's what we used to say, a dream." I opened my eyes wide. "Mori,stainless steel tube 304, what about the ghosts of my parents?" I asked anxiously, but Mori shook his head. Don't ask. He carried me on his back. "Think of it as seeing them for the last time." I'm speechless. In fact, I have been reluctant to think about it. The snake lives here, eating carrion and human corpses. It has so much Yin Qi. Where does it come from? It is nothing more than taking the Yin Qi on the ghost as one's own. Can the eaten ghost be reincarnated? It must be impossible. So, Mori said that the remaining trace of my father's Yin Qi on the ring was the last thing he wanted to say to me, let me live, live well. My teeth were almost broken, and I trembled and burst into tears,side impact beams, but my eyes were full of pain and anger. Why, why are you chasing me like this? Why did you destroy my parents like this? The murderer behind it, you get out of here! I wiped away my tears, and my eyes became stronger. All right, he hid and continued to command the puppets against me. All right, I want to be stronger, stronger than him. One day, I want him to die, worse than anyone else! The Mori night under him stopped. Now the water level has reached the chest of the night, but the cave in front of us has come to an end, in front of us, there is no exit, only a cave wall. The water of the well beat against the mountain wall and made a slight sound. I was completely desperate. "We can't get out?"? No, I felt the breeze before. There should be an exit here! Mori night shook his head. He found a higher place, aluminium coated tubes ,beam impact tubes, put me down, waded through the water, put his ear to the wall of the cave, closed his eyes, and then said: "There is a sound behind, I guess, the exit is behind!" I came to the spirit, jumped down the rocks, clumsily paddling his hands and feet, came to his side: "I listen." I pressed my hand on the wall of the cave. As soon as I pressed it, I had a palpitation in my heart. I couldn't help touching it along the wall of the cave. I whispered to Mori Night, "There's something wrong with this place." He leaned over and lowered his voice. "What's wrong?" "There are lines!" I kept stroking it. "It's like a spell.". Is this a piece of paper carved on the stone wall, suppressing something behind it? It's over. We have no way to go. We have to open this mountain wall. What's hidden behind it? Scarier than that giant snake? As I thought about it, I put my ears close to the mountain wall, but my head suddenly buzzed with a loud noise, and a strong voice was implanted into my head: "Come on, come on!"! You are the one I chose. My whole head ached, my heart was so stuffy and painful that it was difficult for me to breathe. I could not help retreating and staggering. If I hadn't been supported by Mori Night, I would have fallen into the water. What's going on? Eyebrow? Mori held me tightly and asked anxiously, "Did the spell react to you?" "No, no, no." The feeling of near suffocation enveloped me, and my hands waved unconsciously, "Get me out, get me out." That being said, I had no idea what I was talking about. My hands were gesturing subconsciously in the air, but Mori took my hand: "Meier, what are you gesturing?" "I don't know." My mouth and nose have gushed blood, "I am so uncomfortable, you have to let me out." I pushed away the night, threw myself in front of the mountain wall, and hit my head hard against the stone wall. My forehead was numb and itchy, as if the tiny black snake had climbed on my head before, and I had to hit my head hard to feel the panic away from me. Sen night was obviously frightened by me, he hurriedly rushed over and hugged me tightly: "Are you crazy?"? Does it hurt when you hit like this? Where can it not hurt? Not only did it hurt, but I felt like my head was broken! I opened my eyes, and the thick blood was winding down the place where I hit my head, impartially, along the slightly concave lines on the mountain wall. Where my blood flowed, the lines gradually shone and reddened, and even under the water, they were still clearly visible. After a while, my blood filled the lines and shone, and the lines on the whole mountain wall were like a living spell. Mori looked intently at the amulet, his fingers moving slightly. "I remember," he said. The mountain wall in front of me broke into pieces with a loud crash, and the slight light suddenly disappeared. Mori and I were startled. And a gust of wind came,beam impact tubes, and my throat was sore, for a pair of cold palms had gripped my neck tightly, and strangled me fiercely!.