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The Tang Dynasty has fewer horses, and it is difficult to make supplies. In the plan of the Xiling Temple, as long as three years

The Tang Dynasty has fewer horses, and it is difficult to make supplies. In the plan of the Xiling Temple, as long as three years later, the Tang army will have no available horses. Even if the war starts again, the Tang Dynasty will be defeated. In other words, from the day when Tang ceded to the late yuan, Tang could no longer turn over. There were a thousand horses outside the Wei city, which were the last booty harvested by the royal court. The barbarians were naturally elated. The bonfire between the tents suddenly increased a circle, and the sheep slaughtered doubled. More noble people ordered the slaves to move out countless jars of wine, which drew a more violent cheer. As night fell, the bonfire was lit, and all the barbarians came out of their tents and began to eat meat and drink wine around the fire. When they were drunk, they began to wrestle and play, and young men and women began to dance enthusiastically. Ning Que stood outside, looking at the scene, his expression was very calm, in fact, he used a lot of strength to control himself not to look at the ruins of Weicheng. The more lively the barbarian tribe was, the more deserted the Tucheng was. The happier the barbarians were, the sadder the Tucheng was. The more vigorous the bonfire was, the angrier the Tucheng became. The big black horse felt his mood at this time and lowered his head slowly. At this time, Sang Sang ended his tour of his world and walked back to the carriage. He looked at him and asked, "Are you angry?" Ning Que said calmly, "Yes,collapsible pallet box, I am very angry." "Why?" Sang Sang asked. Ning Que did not look at her and said, "This is a human emotion, and it has nothing to do with you." "I'm not human, but I can analyze this emotion," Sang said. "You won't understand," said Ning Que. "Then you can tell me," said Sang Sang. Ning Que said: "I am angry, of course, because of these barbarians,plastic pallet manufacturer, but I am more angry because you are not angry, which makes me very sad and disappointed, and even some began to doubt their own ideas." "Why should I be angry?" Said Sang Sang. Ning Que turned to look at her for a long time and said in a cold voice, "You have lived here." "I have lived in many places," said Sang Sang with the same expression. Ning Que stared into her eyes and said, "The people in Weicheng used to love you so much." Sang Sang looked at the deserted Tucheng in the night and was silent for a while. Then she pointed to the barbarians who were reveling by the bonfire and said, "These people love me, too." Ning Que suppressed his anger and said, "Can this be the same?" Sang Sang said calmly, "They are all my people, and I treat them exactly the same." Ning Que could no longer control his emotions and shouted angrily, "If you hadn't become an idiot, it would have been very clear that these people in Weicheng.." Because you're dead! Sang Sang's expression still has no change, the mood in the voice is still so calm, or there is no emotion, so that people feel more than cold: "Except this time?"? For countless years, human beings have been used to killing each other in my name. Is it necessary for me to be responsible every time? Ning Que looked her in the eye and said, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet bins, "You know.." Except this time. After saying this, he did not continue. Silently, he stepped into the carriage and gave a sharp blow in the air with his whip. The sound of the whip was loud, which scattered the cool night wind and the light from the bonfire. As soon as the carriage passed the tents, it stopped again. Tonight, the moon is not bright, like a hook, and the night sky is full of stars, which fall on the moors, slightly illuminating the black fields and a huge stone pile. There were dozens of wooden frames in the stone pile, on which were bodies that had rotted and dried by the wind. From the broken clothes, we could recognize that the dead were all Tang Jun. Ning Que did not know whether it was the show of the Golden Tent Court after the war or the extremely cruel torture suffered by the spy rangers sent by the Tang army to the wasteland last year after they were captured. His face was as calm as frost. With a bang, the iron knife was unsheathed. At a distance of tens of feet, he cut a knife at the stone pile. The iron knife broke the wind silently, but faintly he could hear the roar of a rosefinch. The heap of stones broke in two with a thud. A flaming flame shot out from the blade and fell on the stone pile. In an instant, the wooden frames and the bodies of the Tang army on the shelves were all burned to the cleanest ashes. Ning Que collected the sword and returned it to the scabbard. As the carriage went on, he did not sit in the carriage, but sat on the shaft, listening to the friction between the wheels and the weeds, watching the silence of the night. I don't know how long it took, but Sang Sang's voice sounded in the carriage: "I thought you would kill all the humans outside Wei City, or roast them slowly with fire." Ning Que did not look back and asked without emotion, "Will you stop it?" "I don't know," said Sang Sang. Ning Que said sarcastically, "Is there anything Haotian doesn't know?" Sang Sang says: "Because some things, I do not want to calculate suddenly." Ning Que thought of those heroic prairie men, those beautiful girls whose faces were roasted red by the bonfire, and gradually became calm, even with a smile on their faces. I said in the palace of Chang'an City, I said in Qinghe County, I said many times in many places, these people will die, none of them will be left, so I am not in a hurry. The carnival by the bonfire, the young men and women dancing to each other, the pious old people, the ignorant young people who can ride horses, if such beauty is destroyed, what kind of beauty will it be? Sang Sang's voice was a little cold: "Do you think I will allow it?" Ning Que said, "So I will defeat you first, and then kill them all." …… …… This trip is back, from lanke temple to Changan is one of the section, from Weicheng to the west is another section of the past, the same two people, the same black horse black car, but that year, the sky gathered together, black crows sound, today is so silent and quiet. After leaving Weicheng, I do not know why, Ning Que became silent a lot, he and Sang Sang talk less and less, looking at the grasslands in a daze for longer and longer time. When he passed the Shubi Lake,collapsible bulk containers, according to the original idea, he would definitely rest here for a night and let Sang Sang relive some of the past, but he suddenly changed his mind and continued to move on overnight.