Riot Princess 1: Traveling through Egyptian Civilization to Find the Fall of First Love

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Looking at the little girl who dared not even breathe, Soderland snorted in disgust, picked up his glass and went to the left

Looking at the little girl who dared not even breathe, Soderland snorted in disgust, picked up his glass and went to the left side of King Nofis, not caring at all that he was sitting in the princess's seat. My king. Soderland greeted King Nophis charmingly. The atmosphere of the banquet made Nophis a little drunk, and he did not hesitate to give the woman around him an intoxicating smile. The king. Now Soderland is even more pleased to be insatiable. A pair of jade hands scratched on the open chest of Nofis as if no one was there, full of flirtatious breath. Even Celia can be a princess, why can't she? Absolutely not allowed. She must sit on the throne of the third princess, and when the time is ripe, she will get rid of the first princess who is in the way. Then she would be the first princess of Egypt, the first wife of the beautiful King Nophis, and the cowardly Celia would not be afraid at all. At that time, the throne of the princess can only be seated by her. The more she looked at Celia's pale face, the more proud she was, and if she did more, King Nophis would fall at her feet and let her beg. At the banquet,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, there was a burst of laughter, and the graceful dance of the beautiful dancing girl accompanied by music made everyone intoxicated. But soon, the ministers below opened their mouths wide, stared at the gate with incredible eyes, and stopped all the movements and topics on their hands. Soon, the music and the dancers stopped,brass tube fitting, for almost all eyes fell on the group of people who stepped into the hall. Sabiral helped me walk slowly into the hall. Relax, Princess. There's nothing to be afraid of. They're all your subjects. Sabiro patted my hand in a cold sweat. Oh I answered, but the beating of my heart made my feet as tight as wax. The fear of stage fright hit me, and I couldn't even breathe. A lot of people are looking at me. What to do? I am the concubine of a country, and I must not make any mistakes. Or I won't be able to keep the face of Egypt. Even Nophis. No way! Don't embarrass him. My heart tightened and I took a deep breath and tried to calm the jump in my heart. With my chest set, my head held high, and a haughty smile on my face, I looked down on the audience as a royal. Sabiral says these are my subjects, so I'll treat them like pigs for a while, at least to make me less afraid. Finally, the unusual calm caught the attention of Nophis and Lomaid. Oh, stainless steel needle valve ,38 tube fitting, it's my beautiful princess. In surprise, Nophis stepped down the steps and took my little white hand from Sabiro. When my hand was melted into the dark palm, all the uneasiness and fear disappeared without a trace, and a warm sense of security came instead. It's good to see him. I finally showed a comfortable smile. Come here He commanded in a domineering manner, grasping the palm of my hand with unusual tenderness, and pulling me into his seat. Your hands are so cold. He frowned and took my cold hand and rubbed it. Sabiro should get you some more clothes. Seeing my sexy and cool dress, his eyes were on fire-not lust, but anger! I laughed a little at his complaints, and when his displeasure was for my sake, I felt a heartfelt sense of satisfaction for no reason. That's weird. The scene was back to its previous liveliness, but I felt a lot of eyes staring at me, which was very uncomfortable. Here, have some wine. The body will be warmer. He brought over a wine glass. I don't drink. I frowned. Not afraid, just a little. With a gentle smile, he brought the glass to my mouth, and his drunk eyes never left my face. With the fresh smell of grapes, I really feel good, not to mention that the tyrant around me can not tolerate the possibility of resistance, only frowning and drinking. Cough.. The intense liquid ran down my throat, burning my insides like fire and making me cough up. So strong.. "Are you all right?" He patted me on the back, and his worried eyes were full of tension. It tastes terrible! Angrily, I pushed the cup back to him. "No more." Verse 31: Chapter 6 The Soul from the 21st Century Falls Completely in Love (1) He burst out laughing. That hearty laugh lets a person feel his good mood: "Good, good, good, do not drink." He took the cup, gulped down the contents, and finally tossed it heroically. I finally have some blood. His fingers ran across my face, which was red with alcohol, and in an instant his pitying eyes and the tenderness between his fingers made my heart beat faster. God! How could he do that? I dared not look into his burning eyes. Look at me, baby, look at me. He raised my chin and kissed me on the forehead with unusual tenderness. My heart seems to be immersed in his warm ocean. "Princess, you are really charming today." A shrill voice sounded from the side. Who is she? I've never seen it. I heard that the princess lost her memory. She must not remember me. I am Soderland, the king's handmaiden. The beautiful and hostile woman saluted me respectfully. Soderland? ' The beautiful woman had a jealousy that could not be concealed. It seems that I must have had a quarrel with someone in my previous life? Can it be said that.. I'm very unhappy. It seems that this Egyptian Pharaoh Wang Yanfu is really not shallow. The thought made me as uncomfortable as it did the day he married Celia. The princess looks much better now. Do you know how worried Soderland is about you? The woman continued. Thank you for your concern. I responded with displeasure, unwilling to speculate about her flirtation with Nofis, and I decided to ignore her existence. Nophis. I called him by his name,hydraulic fitting supplier, which made Soderland very disgusted, but I didn't care. Uh He raised the little hand he held in his hand to his mouth and pressed a kiss. Don't.. My face was as red as a ripe tomato. But it made him laugh. May I free a slave in the dungeon? I asked cautiously. What Slaves? As soon as he turned his face, he raised his eyebrows. "Male or female?" God! I was really defeated by him.