Quick-wear system: blackening boss, asking for light pet

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Lu Zhiguo laughed. I felt relieved at once. He remembered again the object that the original owner wanted to seduce tonight.

Lu Zhiguo laughed. I felt relieved at once. He remembered again the object that the original owner wanted to seduce tonight. The Nangong family? If this thing can really be done, it is also a good marriage! The Lu family is in the underworld. Although a lot has been whitewashed over the years. But after all, it can't be compared with the Nangong family, which is a low-key family for a hundred years. Therefore, instead of stopping what the original owner had done these days, he was happy to see it. After dawn, it is a brand new day. Lin Qiao yawned and climbed out of bed, took a sandwich and ate it while going out. Same as the previous planes. This is an elevated modern plane. The original owner is also a student, studying in the third grade of Kyoto High School. Since the beginning of school, I have seen the beauty of Nangong Zhe, the male protagonist of the plane, and I have been deeply involved in it,14 needle valve, unable to extricate myself! When recalling, Lin Qiao suddenly remembered something. System, what day is it today? The system silently rolls its eyes! "Monday!" Lin Qiao suddenly became a face of constipation color. Let Lao Gao speed up and rush to school immediately! Chapter 319 help! What if my brother loves me too much (4) The original owner's persistence in Nangong Zhe is not a day or two. Now it has formed a fixed rule that every Monday, they will express their love downstairs in Nangong Zhe's class! Variety, and never with repetition! Lin Qiao had no interest in Nangong Zhe,needle valve manufacturer, whom he had never seen. Nangong Zhe can't be the'right man 'of the original owner! If it was true, they would have been together in the last life, so why wait until now? What's more, now the owner of this body is Lin Qiao. Not the original owner! She will never do such a self-humiliating thing again! Confession or something? Only others have ever expressed their love to her! [Host, this system can be understood as, are you arrogant?] Lin Qiao narrowed his eyes bitterly. What do you think? The system shut up in an instant. Come on, it's going back to sleep in the corner ~ Reality is always a little worse than imagination. No matter how old Gao speeds up. After all, the Lu family is a full hour away from the school. Therefore, when Lin Qiao arrived at the school and saw the people around him casting or mocking or teasing eyes, tube fitting manufacturer ,14 tube fitting, he sighed helplessly. As early as last Friday. The original owner sent someone to prepare everything. At this moment, I'm afraid I'm just waiting for her, the heroine, to go! Sure enough, she just walked downstairs. I heard the cries of the original owner's friends. Cheng Xue, the best friend of the original owner, came forward quickly and grabbed her hand, complaining. Why are you here now? Nangong Zhe has already gone in! "You haven't answered your phone?" Lin Qiao unconsciously opened her hand. It is the original owner who regards Cheng Xue as her best friend, not her! She only remembered that the medicine taken by the original owner last night was instigated by Cheng Xue. The original owner is also stupid! She didn't know, even if Lu Boyan didn't show up last night. She can't seduce Nangong Zhe. Because Her best friend has sold the news that she took a certain medicine to several other rich second generation. Just waiting to see her show! Lin Qiao put away his memories. He turned his head and glanced at Cheng Xue. He said lightly, "I left my cell phone in the club last night." She's not lying about that. If she hadn't lost her cell phone, she could have called them directly and asked them to take everything away. Cheng Xue has a ghost in her heart. Naturally, he dared not look directly into her eyes. Quickly don't overdo it, just answer and stop talking. Is it her delusion? She always felt that there was something wrong with Lu Li today? The expression is not as good as it used to be when it comes to the news about Nangong Zhe? Could it be. It was last night.. Lin Qiao didn't notice it at the moment. The corners of Cheng Xue's mouth smirked in the dark. Now that Nangong Zhe has gone in, it's time for the original owner to put away these things! She took a few steps forward. Just as he was about to ask the others to withdraw their things, suddenly there was a slight noise overhead. She looked up! A stream of blackened water poured down on her. Lin Qiao quickly avoided. I don't know if it's because I'm too anxious. Her foot was unsteady and she twisted her ankle. Can't dodge! He fell to the ground abruptly. The stinky water poured down directly from the top of her head and cooled her heart! The delicate white face like a porcelain doll was in a mess at the moment. And a dirty mop rag stuck to her face. The clothes are all wet. There are black traces of stinky water on it. Even, if you look carefully, you can find the pink lace underwear inside! Chapter 320 help! What if my brother loves me too much (5) On the second floor balcony. A crowd of people burst into laughter! This Lu Li is still so stupid! Do you really think that if the Lu family spoils her, she can be lawless? Every time she openly expresses her love downstairs in Nangong Zhe's classroom. But in the end, every time in return is not the result of being punished by the people in their class! Nangong Zhe also stood among these people. For what happened to Lin Qiao just now. He looked on coldly all the time and never said a word. Every Monday, Lu Li will come to express his love, which has become a routine! And the same. Every Monday, the people in the class, both men and women, are proud of their wickedness. Although he felt a little inappropriate. But after a long time, he acquiesced in their practice. This woman is too difficult to deal with! Now, these people are no longer satisfied with the original release of cockroaches, rats and so on to intimidate her. Play bigger and bigger, a variety of patterns! Every time I have to see her show her embarrassing side. Lin Qiao has a sullen face. Wiped a handful of water stains on his face. Listening to the laughter overhead,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, I felt more and more harsh. The anger in my heart comes one after another! Cheng Xue stood aside, covering his nose in disgust. Lu Li, you are so smelly. Why don't you go back and change your clothes before you come to class? Lin Qiao raised his head when he heard this.