How can an Iraqi not wet his shoes?

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Often Grain Buds sniffed, even if the elite that can not be without credibility ah, said good three points to pick up, now what time?

Often Grain Buds sniffed, even if the elite that can not be without credibility ah, said good three points to pick up, now what time? The most let often Grain Buds anxious is, she started from nine o'clock in the morning to the airport, by plane for three hours, until now can't on the game, but and "Wan in the water" about five o'clock in the afternoon PK, see will be too late, she often Grain Buds is not afraid of death, this is not on the game will certainly be thought that she was afraid, heaven and earth conscience! Even if Chang Xiaoman is really afraid, she will not be afraid of a lower level than her own "Wan in the water.". Well, it can be admitted that Chang Xiaoman is a bully, not to mention the face of this offended her several times, "Wan in the water." (Voiceover: So, before Yu yuan comes to pick up Grain Buds Chang, let's look back on the enmity between Grain Buds Chang and Mr. Wan in the water.) (Chang Xiaoman's voiceover: There is only gratitude and enmity, but no enmity! Xiaofu, don't try to slander me! I am Xiaofu, spreading out his hands and continuing to narrate the dividing line. In other words, since September last year, Chang Xiaoman,die casting parts, who had just entered the third year of senior high school, registered the game account of "Ksitigarbha" under the shameless pretext of "great pressure and need to play games". Even more shameless is that Chang Xiaoman students cunningly into a new server, the whole body of the poor equipment is still in the upper reaches of the average level of the game. The reason is that this is a new service, and all players must start practicing from the first level. Chang Xiaoman knew that if he went to other servers, he would certainly be despised, so he might as well go to a new service, where everyone was a novice, and kill the wild boar tree monster outside "yuanfeng City" together,CNC machining parts, and slowly upgrade. But Chang Xiaoman did not think that the new service also has the trouble of the new service, that is, tens of thousands of players are in the first day of the opening of the new service to "yuanfeng City" outside Daguai, but the number of wild boar tree monsters is limited, at first glance, the crowd transmission outside yuanfeng City, countless commoner players are in the state of squatting waiting to brush monsters. Chang Xiaoman wiped a sweat and clicked on his taskbar. Wild Boar (5/30) Tree Monster (7/50) 25 more boars and 43 more tree monsters. Chang Xiaoman crowded in the crowd for a while, always slow others a step did not cut strange. Played for 20 minutes, a lot of squat brush strange players have handed in the task, up to level 2, but Chang Xiaoman is still in that 56% of the repair for the wandering. Chang Xiaoman searched the address of the strange distribution, then looked at the map from the upper right corner, and his eyes suddenly brightened. Unexpectedly, there are wild boars and tree monsters on the back of yuanfeng City, but they are close to the distribution of flower demons, so the players who don't want to be killed by the active attack of flower demons don't go there to squat. As the saying goes, car radiator cap ,Stainless steel foundry, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Chang Xiaoman stared at his 56% repair and gritted his teeth, "throw caution to the wind!" Quickly running around the city wall to the north on foot, Chang Xiaoman naively believed that the closer he was to yuanfeng City, the less likely he would encounter the flower demon. Sure enough, it was a quiet place, and the north of yuanfeng City was silent, which was very different from the prosperous scenery in the south. A primitive stone lamp stands on the green grass, behind which the brown sideburns of the wild boar are exposed. Chang Xiaoman smiled with satisfaction, rushed up with an arrow, and "brushed" twice to solve the wild boar. Then he turned around and stabbed the tree monster with two swords, and Xiu Wei rose by two percent. But two strange, brush strange time is 30 seconds, often Grain Buds hesitated or decided to squat here, one is because no one robbed strange, two or because no one robbed strange. So Chang Xiaoman put the essence given by the system on the weapon, which every player can get free of charge. It can automatically enrich the blood and fight monsters on the weapon, and occasionally increase the hit rate. Chang Xiaoman looked at the wild boar just brush out, was given seconds by himself, so rest assured a smile, picked up the history book to read up. In fact, Chang Xiaoman is also a law-abiding good student, knowing that history is very poor, so he used the time after class to consult the history class representative. Kang Sinian, why are you so good at history? How did you learn? Tell me quickly. The other side puts down the book in the hand, look up indifferently spit out a word: "Read a history book as a story book.". ” "Huh?" Chang Xiaoman looked at him in surprise and waited for the following, but the other party lowered his head and buried his head in the book again. Can history books and story books be equated? According to the mathematical formula, history + book = history book, story + book = story book, so history = story. Stories are made up, so history can be made up? Chang Xiaoman stared at the history book in his hand and felt cold for a while. Forget it. It's better to accept fate. It's better not to believe Kang Sinian's words. Just as Chang Xiaoman put down his history book to see how well he had accomplished his task in the game, Chang Xiaoman was stunned. The task bar still shows "Boar (6/30) Tree Monster (8/50)". What Often Grain Buds a scream, and then look at their own spirit has already been wasted, "how is this going on?"? Didn't you fight monsters just now? Ask who? All eyes can see, Chang Xiaoman stood in front of another commoner player, every brush out of a strange was killed by him first, where there is a strange to often Grain Buds? A row of words popped up in the dialog box on Chang Xiaoman's head: "The player'Wan in the water 'requests to form a team with you. [Accept] [Reject]." Chang Xiaoman angrily clicked [Refuse], and then said rudely: "Go away!" In the picture, "Wan in the water" paused slightly, and then, as Chang Xiaoman said, "roll away." Chang Xiaoman watched him run into the city, waving his sword to split the past, but this is a harmonious game, do not ask for PK with the other side is unable to kill, unless you want to red name. So often Grain Buds of grief and indignation to the "Wan in the water" waved a sword, and then resigned to turn around and continue to kill strange. This speed do not know how long to kill, often Grain Buds no essence, so can only manually operate, kill half a day has just completed the task of wild boar,metal stamping parts, but also rose to the second level. Just as Chang was operating mechanically Grain Buds with one hand holding his cheek, the'Wan in the water 'came back with a new task, which had already risen to level four.