Runaway Mommy, you pissed off the CEO.

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. Ji Xiaoxi took a contemptuous look at Gong Jun. :. What bullshit equality between men and women? . Now everyone says

. Ji Xiaoxi took a contemptuous look at Gong Jun. :. What bullshit equality between men and women? . Now everyone says that men and women are equal. . It's just lip service. . How can we really achieve equality between men and women? . Then why do you guys walk down the street with no shirt on? . And if a woman walks down the street without a shirt on,deep draw stamping, . You think . What would it look like? . Also …… Equality between men and women. Then why don't you give birth to a child with a woman's surname? .. This Gong Jun doesn't frown and stare at Ji Xiaoxi. Ji Xiaoxi is really good at talking. I'm no match for her. . What else can he say? . . Gong Junwu . Do you want to come again? .. Ji Xiaoxi asked with a smile. . Gong Junbu glared at her with chagrin. Come back . Should he take the last one? . Here,non standard fasteners, take it off . Put your own . Show it to two children. . Two children are not shy. I'm still shy. . . Not coming . Also . My clothes. I'm going to put them on. …… . Gong Junbu picked up the clothes on the ground and said. . Do you want him to wear Grey Wolf like this without clothes? . Walk out . Fine. He has a good figure. . Wear the four corners like this. . He also dares to go out. …… Only. Why is it Grey Wolf? .. This. He didn't buy it. . It was prepared by the servants of the family. . He didn't pay much attention to Grey Wolf when he was wearing it. . It's quite comfortable to wear. . So I've been wearing it. …… I never thought something like this would happen today. If he had known what happened today.. He would have put the Grey Wolf. . Throw it all in the toilet. . Then let the water wash away. …… If I had known, Steel investment casting ,socket screw plug, I wouldn't have worn this Grey Wolf today. Here we go …… What a shame. To wear something like this.. Walk out . Must be in the paper . I'm sure I'll lose the face of the Gong family. . Grandpa will kill himself when he sees it. . . Hello . What are you doing .. Ji Xiaoxi ran up to rob Gong Junwu's clothes. . But …… Gong Jun, don't grow too tall. He held his clothes high. . Ji Xiaoxi can't catch it no matter how he catches it. . Ji Xiaoxi is not a person who gives up easily. . The little body jumps and jumps. . Jumping to grab the clothes. …… But I can't catch it. Finally. Ji Xiaoxi gave up . Put your hands on your hips . Staring at the grinning Gong Junwu viciously. :. Hello . You bastard …… What do you mean. You are such a big man. . Why don't you keep your word? . Didn't we agree to lose one dress at a time? . Why are you still acting shamelessly? . You're such an adult. . Everyone knows to pursue me. …… Aunt Huaner. Why are you still acting shamelessly? . Are you still a man? .. . I know. Take off one thing at a time. . These clothes …… I bought.. These clothes are worth about seventy or eighty thousand yuan. . I bought it for 100,000 yuan. .. Gong Jun don't say lightly. . . No . Even if you give 1 million. We won't sell this dress either. …… . Ji Xiaoxi said with a sinister smile. . Who told Gong Jun not to fight with Daddy for Mommy? . And he wants to go after their mommy. …… She did it on purpose. Deliberately . Is to make a fool of him. .PTCB. Let everyone in the Dragon Gang watch her wear Grey Wolf. The way it looks . See if he dares to come to the Dragon Gang again. . . All right then .. Gong Jun, don't throw your clothes on the ground. . Go around the house. . Finally, I saw the bedroom of two children. :. Since you won't give me your clothes, . I'm embarrassed to wear Grey Wolf. . Walk out …… Then I'll sleep here tonight. I don't want to call the maid to bring the clothes. …… . Say.. I went into the bedroom of two children. . And wear Grey Wolf. . To the bed As soon as Shang lies down.. The child's bed is quite comfortable. It has a milky flavor. . . What .. Ji Xiaodong and Ji Xiaoxi came to the bedroom with their legs. . Take a look …… Gong Jun don't just wear Grey Wolf's.. Lying flat in Ji Xiaoxi's bed. Shang…… Ji Xiaoxi looked at him with red eyes. Her favorite bed. . Her beloved pillow. …… All slept by this bastard. . Son of a bitch …… You come down.. That's Miss Ben's bed. .. Ji Xiaoxi roared angrily at Gong Junbu. . There is smoke on the top of the gas. . Gong Junbu looked at the angry Ji Xiaoxi with a smile. Ji Xiaoxi is getting angry . The happier he is :. Ha-ha …… So this is your bed. Milk dolls are milk dolls. . This bed Shang also has a milky smell.. He used to think milk smelled bad. Can't believe it …… It smells good. Smell the faint smell of milk. . Look at Ji Xiaoxi again. Fen's tender face.. He feels so comfortable. . . You are a wretched uncle. . Come on, out of my bed. Shang,Magnetic Drain Plug, roll down.. Come on, get down. …… . Ji Xiaoxi said angrily. . Come to the bedside . Grab Gong Junwu's leg and try to drag him off her bed. …… But Gong Junbu is an adult. 1.8 meters .130. Ji Xiaoxi is only a little girl of six or seven years old. . How is it possible to pull Gong Junbu out of bed? …… . Ji Xiaodong . Come and help me. .. Ji Xiaoxi shouted at Ji Xiaodong with a red face. . . Oh .. Ji Xiaodong also ran over. . Grab Gong Junwu's other leg. . Trying to get him out of bed. …… But. Even two small children. . Still can't pull. …… . Ha-ha …… . Gong Jun don't laugh proudly and insolently. . At last he felt that all the anger he had suffered was gone. . All the sufferings suffered were returned to the two children. . . Ji Xiaodong . You push hard . Use your strength to suck the breast. .. Ji Xiaoxi's face turned red. . Say loudly to Ji Xiaodong. . . I know . You, too …… . Ji Xiaodong said to Ji Xiaoxi. . . Mmm . Let's refuel together .. Ji Xiaoxi said . Then two children grabbed Gong Junwu's calf. Trying to pull him out of bed. . But . Gong Junwu is still lying in Ji Xiaoxi's bed. Shang. Not move a muscle. …… Gong Junbu and Ji Xiaoxi . Ha-ha …… . Gong Junwu laughed. . I think these two children are really very interesting. …… . Although tough . But tough and cute. . . The two children stopped. . Lying in bed staring angrily. Shang Laughing Gong Jun don't. This Gong Junbu is really too much. . Still laughing …… Sudden. Ran . Ji Xiaodong paid attention. . Run to Ji Xiaoxi's ear and say in a small voice. . Ji Xiao Xiao Mi. Squint and nod. . Gong Jun don't look at two. The two children gathered together to whisper. . I have a bad feeling. . What are these two kids up to again? .