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But they not only laissez-faire Wu Hemerocallis and Zheng Zhe, but also took the initiative to lend out her family treasure

But they not only laissez-faire Wu Hemerocallis and Zheng Zhe, but also took the initiative to lend out her family treasure, this is not ungrateful, burning bridges? Lin Dan was so angry that he left all his belongings behind when he left, which showed that he had completely cooled his heart to Xue Fu. She has acquired a unique learning, went outside naturally the sea is wide with the fish leap, the sky is high with the birds fly, where will come back? But Xue Fu offended such a miraculous doctor, in the future if the big grandson's illness appears repeatedly, who can also go to beg? The more the old man thought about it, the more anxious he became. The more he thought about it, the more regretful he became. He picked up the whip and beat Xue Jiming himself. "What qualifications do you have to scold Lin Dan for losing his family?" He scolded? Everything is made by you, your brother's legs are slightly better, and you and Wu Hemerocallis joined hands to force Lin Dan away, if your brother's legs go wrong again, can you saw off your own legs and connect them to him? You can't run the army, you can't handle military affairs, you just think about love all day long, have you ever done a good thing in your life? That Wu Hemerocallis openly borrows books, but secretly covets other people's unique learning, which is not a good thing! You're blind to see her! Lady Xue did not care about her youngest son, who had been beaten up, and kept ordering the servants. "What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get Miss Lin back!"! Go on! She did not know whether her son's legs were good or not, and she did not know whether they would be repeated. Without Lin Dan, her heart would not come true. If she had known that Lin Dan was so promising,Coil nail machine, she would have offered her up as an ancestor! At the same time, Xue Boyong sent people around to look for Lin Dan, then sealed up her study, sent troops to guard, and never allowed anyone to approach. Half an hour later, the bodyguard who had gone to the Hemerocallis Hall to ask for the medical book came back. Pointing to the extra one, he said, "General, we found this book from Wu Hemerocallis's pharmacy. She insisted that this book was bought from an antique shop and was not Miss Lin's. Would you like to see it?" Seeing the familiar cover,Automatic Nail Making Machine, Hsueh Po-yung immediately realized that this book was definitely a legacy left by the ancestors of the Lin family. On the title page were the three words "Xing Lin Chun." When he opened it, he found that what was recorded inside was not a medical skill, but a method of practicing internal skills. The appendix said with certainty that if you want to practice Lin's medical skills, you must first practice this skill, otherwise acupuncture and massage would be ineffective. Xue Boyong had seen Lin Dan's set of books, but how could he not know that this book, Xing Lin Chun, was not among them? But he closed the title page and said firmly, "This is indeed the little girl's book. It should be returned to its original owner." At this point, he finally understood Wu Hemerocallis's plan. Originally, she accidentally got this medical skill, learned about Lin's inheritance, and saw that Lin Dan had several other books in his hand, which moved her mind and wanted to put together a complete set. Greed is not enough for a snake to swallow an elephant. That's her. Chapter 139 miraculous doctor 23. After the long princess got Lin Dan's prescription, she drank one dose at noon and one dose in the afternoon. When she went to bed at night, the Yin fire in the soles of her feet really weakened a lot, and she felt a slight coldness outside the quilt, which could be called an immediate effect. Since she gave birth to her son, High Speed Nail Making Machine ,Nail machine supplier, she has never slept soundly, but tonight she slept very sweetly. When she got up in the morning, the blush on her cheeks was lighter, but the whole person was relaxed, as if she had unloaded hundreds of pounds of burden overnight. How do you feel, Your Highness? The two ladies of the court hurried over to inquire about the situation. This palace feels better than ever! "Go to Min'er and have a look," said Princess Chang. "Doctor Lin's medicine has a miraculous effect. I've only taken two doses, and the palace has recovered. There should be a change in Min'er, too." A group of people hurried to the courtyard of the little prince, pulled him out of bed before he woke up, and opened his clothes to check. Before falling asleep last night, Lin Dan had prepared a pill of Rejuvenation Powder, and ordered the servant to mix it with water and apply it to him, but he didn't wipe it all night. By this morning, the liquid medicine had dried up, leaving only a strong smell of medicine, and his abnormal chest had disappeared a lot of lumps, leaving only a slight bulge. The princess was overjoyed and cheered. Zhu Yimin woke up leisurely and saw that he had been stripped of his clothes by two aunts. First he exclaimed, then he noticed the change in his chest. He looked at it in disbelief, pinched it again, and then threw himself into the arms of the long princess, crying with joy: "Niang, I'm much better!"! Mother, it doesn't hurt me anymore! Mother, I finally don't have to be a woman, that's great, whoo. The princess rubbed his head dumbfounding. "Who told you you wanted to be a woman?"? You were born to be a man. Can your mother still mistake you for your gender? Thanks to Dr. Lin this time, otherwise your chest will only get more and more bulging. You can go to apologize to her later and make amends, do you know? Without her, you don't know what will happen in the future! I know, I know! As long as my chest can go down, you can let me kowtow to her. Zhu Yimin covered his chest with tears of gratitude on his face. Lin Dan's kindness to him is the same as that of others, and he will repay each other well in the future! Excited for a long time, Zhu Yimin grabbed the long princess's sleeve again and asked nervously, "Niang, are you better?"? Did you sleep well last night? "I'm much better, too. Dr. Lin really used the medicine like a God. After only two doses, my Yin fire was already under control.". She said that our illness would disappear completely in seven days, which seems to be true. The long princess was full of admiration. One of the ladies of the court exclaimed, "This Doctor Lin is really amazing. His medical skills are so brilliant at such a young age.". There are so many diseases that can't be cured by doctors, but in her hands, the medicine can cure them. Do not fill Yin fire, do not fill Yang fire, directly fill the true fire, yesterday when she said her treatment plan, I was shocked. Her technique is really, really. She thought for a long time, but could not find words to describe it. Princess Chang said with a smile, "Her technique is quick, ruthless, and accurate. She doesn't look like a doctor, but more like a decisive general.". It is said that the doctor's style of doing things can be seen from his way of practicing medicine, which I finally believe. The doctors of the Imperial Hospital have been in the officialdom for a long time. One or two of them have learned to play Tai Chi, and their medication is becoming more and more conservative. If they can't cure the disease, they won't die. It is really rare for Dr. Lin to use this kind of treatment that directly hits the exterior and interior. In the future,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, there are still many places for our Hou Fu to rely on Dr. Lin. You must take good care of her, do you know? Two big maid of honor hurriedly obeyed, the expression is awestruck.