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Wen Shuchen's eyes showed a little smile, but looked at the cold: "Auntie, in order not to involve the reputation of the Wen family,

Wen Shuchen's eyes showed a little smile, but looked at the cold: "Auntie, in order not to involve the reputation of the Wen family, I also want to give Fei Ying an explanation, she is the victim of the whole thing." When it comes to the reputation of the Wen family, the aunt also knows that people in the family will probably support Wen Shuchen. She still wanted to persuade and said in all earnestness, "Wen Yue has quit the family business, isn't it enough?" Wen Shuchen's tone is neither light nor heavy: "He still has some of my father's shares in his hands." When my aunt saw that he still wanted the shares, her expression became very complicated. Wen Shuchen again mentioned the previous consideration of the family reputation, has been merciful to Wen Yue, but he did in private to the elders to see, did not announce all out, the last words have done this, drink half a cup of tea, then let the bodyguard see off. After my aunt left the old house, she went home again, and it was not long before she contacted He Qingchi, who was far away in Wushan Town. When the call came, He Qingchi curled up on the imperial concubine to sleep and reached out to answer it. She first heard her aunt crying about being stabbed by Fei Ying,Nail Making Machine price, and then scolded the woman for being ambitious and wanting to occupy the identity of Wen Yue's future wife. It was estimated that there would be moths in the future, and she wanted to drive people out now. He Qingchi continued to lean on the imperial concubine's couch and looked out of the dark window. She was a little sleepy in the afternoon. Unexpectedly, after a dream, she woke up and slept until more than seven o'clock. At this moment, her aunt kept thinking and felt a little headache. Instead of listening to the voice on the phone, she rubbed her eyebrows with her fingertips and thought about the pictures in her dreams. Leaving Wen Shuchen this period of time back to Wushan Town, He Qingchi sometimes began to dream, all when she was a child,Coil Nail Making Machine, she met the two brothers of the Wen family by mistake, and was kidnapped and Wen Shuchen depended on each other. These dreams are so messy that they need to be sorted out alone for a long time after waking up. My aunt saw that she was silent for a long time and finally said helplessly, "Qingchi, say something." He Qingchi's distant mind was pulled back, and his lips opened lightly: "It's a fact that Wen Yue hurt Fei Ying. It's reasonable that Fei Ying wants to get justice for herself. Aunt, I can't control this matter." "Wen Yue didn't do it on purpose, and who knows if it was Fei Ying who took the opportunity to paste it upside down that night!" He Qingchi saw that the more his aunt said, the more outrageous she was, so he simply did not answer. After the phone was hung up, the aunt sent her several messages and videos. He Qingchi clicked on it for a few seconds and saw that Wen Yue was banned in the villa and turned it off again. She put down her cell phone, got up and went to the next room to talk to her grandmother who was lying in bed and convalescing. As usual, she stayed until nearly nine o'clock and changed the medicine for the old man. Everything was done by herself. Grandma's original intention was to let her go back to Wen's home, but she was just old and had nothing to do, Nail production machine ,Automatic nail machine, but every time the proposal was rejected by He Qingchi, she insisted on staying in Wushan Town to serve her grandmother until she recovered. Around nine o'clock, there was silence everywhere outside the courtyard. He Qingchi returned to his room, and when it was time, Wen Shuchen's phone call came as promised. He still called back at nine o'clock, every day, and would not delay his time because of anything. He Qingchi poured a glass of water and sat on the imperial concubine's couch. On the other end of the phone came the man's deep and pleasant voice: "Qingchi." Every time he got on the phone, the first thing he said was to call her name, as if he couldn't get enough. He Qingchi swallowed the water in his mouth and said, "You have offended my aunt this time." Wen Shuchen also expected that his aunt would come to He Qingchi, and now she was the only one in the whole Wen family who could control his decision-making, even if it was not very useful to find the elders of the family. He Qingchi didn't mention Wen Yue much. She knew that Wen Shuchen was very stingy in this respect and didn't like to hear it: "When Fei Ying was able to find Wushan Town, I vaguely felt that she would not give up easily. Some of them didn't want money, but wanted more money." At this point, it also plays into Wen Shuchen's hands. His attitude is not clear to let Fei Ying so noisy, and the surface effort to do enough, even if the aunt wants to say Wen Shuchen in the family, also can not open his mouth. He Qingchi asked him, "Will my aunt send Wen Yue to the hospital for treatment?" "Can you guess?" Wen Shuchen seemed to be in the mood to play charades with her. He Qingchi drank the water slowly, thinking that no matter whether it would or not, the winner was destined to be Wen Shuchen. She thought for a moment and said, "I guessed. Is there a reward?" On the phone, the man's voice was deep with a smile: "You can mention it." He Qingchi: "Then I can't guess?" Wen Shuchen seemed to think for a few seconds, then suddenly lowered his voice: "Qingchi, I haven't touched a woman since four years ago, and I don't know if I'm still in good health.." Here we go again. Here we go again. He did the same thing as last time, pretending to be pitiful. He Qingchi's ears were so hot that he bit his lower lip and said, "Wen Shuchen!"! Don't set me up. Maybe I can guess. Wen Shuchen asked her to guess and claimed that she would never cheat. He Qingchi said grumpily, "Let's wait and see. I guess my aunt will compromise." She looked at the problem from a woman's point of view. Wen Yue's mental condition needed treatment, and being sent to the hospital was really helpful to him. So, she has a 50/50 chance of winning this bet. The author has something to say: After writing this plot, the main line of the text should also end. Chapter 128 After making a bet with Wen Shuchen, He Qingchi still stayed in Wushan Town. Every day, they would talk for an hour at nine o'clock on time. During this period, he would also send his secretary to send some supplements for the elderly. As for the children, Wen Shuchen, considering that she had to take care of her grandmother's health, did not send them to cause trouble. He Qingchi mostly learned about the child's life from Wen Shuchen's mouth, and would also have a video call with the little guy. In this way, Grandma's injury slowly got better, and she began to be able to walk on the ground. A month later, He Qingchi paid attention to the news of Jiangcheng carelessly. In the evening, she moved a chair to sit in the courtyard, washed the tomatoes and ate them,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, waiting for the time on her mobile phone to jump to nine o'clock, and brushed a news. She stared at the bright screen for a moment, and her fingertips paused.