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The other side has been in this area for so long, what kind of person can be cheated, it is obvious that Yan Chu's words have

The other side has been in this area for so long, what kind of person can be cheated, it is obvious that Yan Chu's words have come to the point, which makes Mao San so panic. But Yan Chu is how to see that he has those diseases, is it really calculated, this world really has the kind of capable person just look at the face, can calculate a person's fate? The blind man had some doubts, but at the same time he was thinking about his own affairs and could not help feeling a little strange. Dizziness, tinnitus, hot flashes, night sweats, red tongue, lack of body fluid, waist soreness and leg pain are all symptoms of kidney deficiency. Yan Chu ate noodles, the stall owner of this noodle stall is an old couple, do half a lifetime of noodles, noodles kneaded tendons, noodle soup is also solid with big bones boiled out, sprinkled with scallions, not to mention how fragrant. As he ate, he nodded to himself, feeling that he was lucky enough to spend eight yuan to eat such a bowl of real noodles on the side of the custom street. It wasn't calculated. Although this idea is more in line with the blind man's vision, he could not help but be disappointed when he heard that it was not calculated. In fact,stesweet stevia, it's right to think about it. Mao San just dug out a big tomb. He said he didn't find many good things, but he still had a lot of harvest. According to his temperament, he held back for three or five months in the mountains and forests, and when he came out, he still had to relax. I'm afraid it's just a lot of relaxation. If you empty out your own inside, you will have kidney deficiency. But Yan Chu can guess these only by inference, also very powerful. "No, what was it when you patted Mao San just now?" The blind man did not care to eat noodles, so he wanted to understand the doubts in his heart. He remembered that Mao San's complete change of attitude towards him was after the beat after him,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, and it must have been because of the different results after that beat that Mao San believed him so much. Yan Chu has finished eating noodles, he drank a mouthful of delicious noodle soup, and then began to attack the only three pieces of beef, the expression is very pious, as if he did not hear the question of the blind. In fact, what he said to Mao San just now was half true and half false. His body is indeed contaminated with Yin evil spirit, but not much, the existence of those Yin evil spirit, it is only enough to make his kidney deficiency come faster and more violent. Even if he did not intervene, those evil spirits would slowly disappear with time. Mao was lucky. The tomb was definitely a place to raise corpses. He had looked at it carefully when he got the dark wood just now. Many runes carved on the wood were clearly visible today. If he really thought about it according to the people who designed the tomb, in a hundred years, the female corpse inside would absorb the essence of the sun and the moon, at least at the level of hair stiffness. Only in the corpse refining has not yet achieved the climate, first ushered in a wave of grave robbers, accidentally destroyed the array inside, destroyed the female corpse in the mouth of the breath of life, saw palmetto extract ,jujube seed powder, resulting in these layouts all go down the drain. Without those "predecessors", it is not certain whether Mao San and others could come out alive when they entered the tomb, not to mention that the coffins of other women's corpses were split into pieces like this. Master, please tell me in detail. The blind man's skin is thick enough, but he is not afraid of the cold face of others. I don't know your name yet. Yan Chu changed the subject, blind people as ordinary people, it is better to know less things, at least this is more simple. My name is Lin Fu. And you, Shifu? "Poof!" Yan Chu is drinking beef soup, all to spray out. The blind man looked at the bowl of noodles that he had only eaten two or three mouthfuls, kept silent, took out a tissue and handed it to Yan Chu to let him wipe his mouth and cover his mouth, and at the same time wiped his face. Your name is Lin. I mean, it's kind of feminine. Yan Chu was a little stimulated, almost knocked out the lungs, a good half ring, before slowly calming down. He wiped the table in front of him with a paper towel and asked the boss for a bowl of noodles to compensate him. Is it? I can't help it. My parents took it for me. The blind man's eyes flashed, and then calmly smiled at Yan Chu. Calm down Yan Chu also smiled at him, and then quietly watched him finish the bowl of noodles. At first, he had always thought that Lin was a woman, or a woman who had a lot to do with the original body, because Yan Chu could not imagine that the original body and the young man who was full of words in front of him had any painful emotional entanglement that he had forgotten subconsciously. So thinking, Yan Chu could not help but look at Lin Kui hit a shiver. However, although the other side said that his name was Lin, but who knows whether it is true or not, but one thing is certain, even if he is not Lin, Lin must be a person who has a very close relationship with the other side. The blind man who had jumped out became quiet after that, and silently finished eating the new bowl of noodles. With this interruption, he did not ask about Mao San again, but wrote it down in his heart. Master, my house is not big, but it is absolutely enough for you to live in the next one. You can rest assured that I have left a letter for you. When the two families come to you three days later, they will know about your move. A few hours have passed, blind man, and now he has to be called Lin. Lin Kui enthusiastically helped Yan Chu make the bed, and then introduced him to the situation on his side of the family. Afternoon time, also enough Yan Chu some understanding of him. His parents died early, and because he had no immediate family members alive, he was sent to a welfare home in the city when he was a child. However, the conditions of the welfare home were not very good. He was sent to it when he was seven years old, and he escaped secretly when he was ten years old. At that time, the welfare home was not very formal, and the director counted on the head to take the money. Lin Kui himself sneaked out, but the file was still on the welfare home. The money was taken as usual, but one person's living expenses were missing, so the director of the welfare home did not let anyone come to him. In order to survive, Lin Kui went to school during the day, and in his spare time he picked up waste products to sell. His family's house was still in his hands, and he had a place to live, and the income from waste products was enough to make a living. In this way, he graduated from junior high school,phycocyanin spirulina, and then mixed up in the custom street. Yan Chu looked around the house of the Lin family, ordinary two-bedroom, only to see the traces of a person's life.