Manual for the cultivation of the first assistant

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What does he mean? She didn't want to meet Lu Jiaxue voluntarily, and she didn't want to say that

What does he mean? She didn't want to meet Lu Jiaxue voluntarily, and she didn't want to say that, and she wished that these things didn't exist, but it wasn't up to her to choose: "." If you have to think so, yes-if I hadn't died, I would be Mrs. Ningyuan Hou now. She seemed to be mocking herself. When did he know? Luo Shenyuan suppressed the emotion of destroying everything in his heart and continued to ask, "Tell me, when did Lu Jiaxue know?" His voice is still very cold. With a wry smile, Luo Yining replied, "Three months after we got married.." When I got hurt that day. He was silent for longer this time. Including her and Lu Jiaxue, she dissuaded him from fighting with Lu Jiaxue. She was captured by Lu Jiaxue, she used to be with Lu Jiaxue when the natural aura, Lu Jiaxie to her strange paranoia. So there's a reason for all this. These two used to be husband and wife! But she never told him, she kept it a secret! You knew he was your ex-husband, but you took him as your adoptive father. Tossing and turning in his hands. Luo Shenyuan walked up to her, and he bent down in an almost elegant posture. Luo Yining, you tell me. What were you thinking when you faced Lu Jiaxue? Luo Yining said with a wry smile, "What am I thinking?" What can I think? I don't deserve or deserve his love. He can have anyone he wants. My words today probably finally forced him back. I don't deserve him to be good to me. He can live well without me. I'm like a pest. Besides,pump tube, I'm married to you. Why do you ask these questions? Her hand was on the table and she held it tightly. Luo Shenyuan's hand tightly pinched the edge of the small few: "Finally, I ask you, what is the reason why you were good to me when you were young?" Because he will be the first assistant in the future, in charge of the world, the power is unparalleled. Luo Yining closed her eyes, and suddenly she was out of breath again. Tears are falling down. She had begun with this purpose, but she had not been,plastic cosmetic tubes, and she had been moved by him since the scar on his right hand. Because no one is good to him, she is full of pity for him. Because he was her third brother, from a very early age. Are you trying to use me? Luo Shenyuan said that with his hands behind his back, he was as tall as a mountain. You never doubted that I would pass the Jinshi examination, and you were always full of confidence in me. He didn't know about the hairpin, but with his intuition, he knew instinctively that it was wrong. Third brother She grabbed his hand, but he avoided it. She murmured and explained, "It started like this.". But then it wasn't, and then it wasn't. This is very important to him, if she is good to him because of this. His teacher, his father, everyone around him.. They all have to be nice to him for some reason. He will certainly be disappointed, custom cosmetic packaging ,cosmetic tube, plus this woman used to be the wife of a bitter enemy, sleeping with a bitter enemy, which man will not care about this-Luo Yining thought of this, she trembled with fear. Yining suddenly dejected, she said with difficulty: "If you mind my past with Lu Jiaxue, if you really mind, you can divorce me.". Out of sight, if you can. I want to take brother Bao with me. He is too young to leave his mother. When she said this, her tears were completely blurred, and she was almost kneeling in front of Luo Shenyuan. So I can't see his expression, I don't know what he's thinking. Only to hear him suddenly sweep down all the loops and glass beads on the table! Big beads and small beads fall on the jade plate, and the ground is covered with glass beads, which are colorful and shining. He caught his breath. Then he said coldly, "Brother Bao is my eldest son. Why did you take him away?" He seemed to have become a stranger whom she did not know, and there was nothing tender and gentle in the battle. Third brother She tried to hold his hand, but he brushed it away again. Really care, hate, envy! She and Lu Jiaxue's past, her concealment of him, and her use of him. And the anger at what she said! What do you mean, divorce her, and she wants to leave so badly? All of this made him jealous and angry. "Luo Yining, I'm really not so rational." Luo Shenyuan said. You and I have to separate, you.. Go to sleep first. He left the inner room. The girl outside heard the noise, but did not dare to come in. Until Lord Luo came out, they all bent down and called Lord Luo. Then Pearl was sharp-eyed and saw that Lord Luo's right hand seemed to be injured and bleeding. "My Lord," she said at once, "your hand.." I just got scratched. Luo Shenyuan held the wound indifferently: "No hindrance." This wound was left for her. He wrapped his dark sleeve around himself and forced himself to leave. He needs to avoid really hurting her and face her past calmly. She also needs to think about it. At least, think of herself! Pearl and others were suspicious and immediately rushed into the inner room. Luo Yining knelt down on the ground and cried. They quickly helped her up, only to hear Yining trembling and grabbing her hand and saying, "Pearl, I don't think he wants me anymore.." He won't want me. If a man is faced with someone who sleeps with someone else and becomes husband and wife, will he still want it? This is her retribution, whether or not Lu Jiaxue intentionally guided her to reveal this matter. This is her karma! "What are you talking about, madam?" Pearl took out a sweat towel to wipe her tears. "What do you want? How can adults not want you?" But Luo Yining cried a lot. So that Pearl helped her up, only to find that she was weak all over. She cried like this for a long time, and the night became colder and colder, and the sound of knocking passed away. The children of some families celebrate the New Year early, and there is a sparse sound of firecrackers. Only then did she come to her senses and lean against the cold wall. The cowardice was released with the crying, and she calmed down. She should go to him. She doesn't know what to say, so come clean. If Luo Shenyuan doesn't like her anymore,eye cream packing tube, he will divorce her. She's going back to England to die. Luo Yining thought about it in a muddle. He stayed up until midnight that night. Before going to bed, he told the girl, "Wake me up tomorrow morning." 。