The Dog of Death Agatha Christie

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He was taken aback. The answer he wants to hear, whatever it is, is not this. You want me out of here? Why "Better get straight to the point

He was taken aback. The answer he wants to hear, whatever it is, is not this. You want me out of here? Why "Better get straight to the point," he said, didn't he? I know you are. # 8212; is a gentleman And he's my friend. I hope you can leave here, because I # 8212; # 8212; I have unconsciously liked you. 。” "Claire." Her words made him freeze # 8212; # 8212; tongue tied. 。“ Please don't think that I have enough confidence to imagine that you # 8212; # 8212; might fall in love with me. 。 It's just # 8212; # 8212; I'm not happy. # 8212; and # 8212; ! I want you out of here. Claire, don't you know I love you? I'm hopelessly in love with you. Since I met you. 。” She raised her eyes and stared at him in surprise. You love me? Have you been in love with me for a long time? "It's been like this since the beginning." "Oh!" She exclaimed, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"? Why? At that time, I can still be with you! Why are you telling me now? It's too late. No, I'm going crazy. I don't know what I just said. 。 I will never be with you. Claire, what do you mean, 'it's too late now'? Is it because of my uncle? ? What does he know? What does he think? She nodded dully, tears rolling down her face. Listen, Claire,plastic pallet supplier, you don't believe this, and you don't think about it. Instead, you're coming with me. We can go to the South Sea together, to the green jewel-like island. You'll be happy there, and I'll take care of you and keep you safe forever. 。” His arm reached out to her and pulled her into his arms. He felt her trembling. And then,plastic pallet box, all of a sudden, she broke out of his arms. Oh, no, please don't do that. Don't you see? Now I can't. This is going to be disgusting. # 8212; # 8212; Nasty 。 In the beginning, I wished I could do better, and now It still makes me sick. 。” He hesitated and was stopped by her words. She looked at him imploringly. "Please don't," she said. "I wish I could do better …" Without saying anything, Dermot got up and left her. At this moment, he had been strongly moved and shocked by her words, and he did not want to talk to her any more. He walked towards the place where he had put his hat and coat, plastic pallet supplier ,plastic pallet manufacturer, and in the middle of it he bumped into Trent. Hello, Dermot! Why are you leaving so early? "Yes, I'm not in the mood to dance tonight." \ "It's been a dull evening, \" Trent said gloomily. \ "But you're not as worried as I am. \" It seemed that Trent had something to tell him, too, which made Dermot suddenly feel a sharp pain. Not that thing # 8212; # 8212; Anything will do But not that one! "Well, good-bye," he said quickly. "I'm going home." Go home, eh? What did the psychic warn us about? I'm going to take the risk. Good night, Jack. Dermot's apartment is not far from here. He felt the need to let the cold evening air cool his feverish head, so he walked home. He opened the door with the key and went in. Then he turned on the light in the bedroom. Instantly, for the second time this evening, he realized that he was in danger of a red signal. This time, the feeling was stronger, and it shook his head so sharply that he forgot even Clare. Danger! He's surrounded by danger. It was at this time, in this room, that he was surrounded by danger. He taunted himself in vain, trying to free himself from the feeling of fear. Perhaps his efforts are secret and largely heartfelt. So far, that red signal had given him punctual warnings that had enabled him to avoid many disasters. He laughed at his superstition for a moment and then made a careful inspection of the apartment, because it was very likely that the criminals had broken in and hid in the house. But on his rounds, he found nothing. His servant, Milson, had gone, and the apartment was immersed in incomparable emptiness. He went back to his bedroom and slowly undressed, his eyebrows furrowed. The feeling of danger was still haunting him as before. He opened the drawer and was about to take out a handkerchief when suddenly he froze like a log. In the middle of the drawer, there was a strange and strange thing # 8212; # 8212; which seemed to be very hard. 。 Quickly and nervously, he lifted the handkerchief with both hands and took out what was hidden in it. It was a revolver. With extreme surprise, Dermot carefully examined the pistol. Its shape is a little strange, and not long ago, a round was fired from its chamber. Other than that, he couldn't find anything. It must have been put into this drawer this evening. By the time he got dressed and went out to dinner, the pistol wasn't there yet,euro plastic pallet, he was sure. 。 Just as he was about to put the pistol back in the drawer, a doorbell startled him. The doorbell rang again and again, all the more jarring in the silent and empty apartment. Who will knock at the door at this hour? There is only one answer # 8212; # 8212; an answer full of intuition and no choice. 。