The first seven

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"Wen, don't be afraid." The fox said to her again and again. But Qin Wen still felt fear, she was not sure where she was

"Wen, don't be afraid." The fox said to her again and again. But Qin Wen still felt fear, she was not sure where she was, she did not dare to look back, nor did she dare to look at both sides. The fox's paw rested on her palm and led her on. Let's go like this. Let's go to the village together. The entrance to the village was getting closer and closer, and Qin Wen could see the cement pavement outside and the woods on the opposite hill. There was no sound, not even the sound of feet on the ground. Qin Wen took a deep breath in an attempt to hear the sound she had made. But there was still no sound. Dead silence. All right, we're at the entrance to the village. The fox loosened its claws, almost at the same time, and at the moment it loosened, Qin Wen grasped its claws. Don't leave me alone. The fox motioned and turned his head. I won't leave you alone. How could the Qin family leave their own family? He felt a slight tremor in the palm of his hand. Wen, don't be afraid. At the moment when its voice just fell, Qin Wen heard a noise. It was the sound of the wind blowing through the woods, and the slight sound of breathing. Like a dye, the black background is dyed with yellow and other colors. The sky brightened as if it were the lifting of a spell. I don't think I can take you any further. The fox shrugged his shoulders. You're so scared now. What about tomorrow night? Chapter 40. Qin Wen sat down on the ground. And when she raised her head again, there was only a little of the sun left,wholesale plastic pallet, and it was about to set over the hill. It's almost dark, and we've lost a lot of time. The fox patted his head. Since Gu Han left, Qin Wen suddenly felt that the passage of time suddenly became much faster, almost a blink of her eye, a day will pass. Wen Yi, let's go to see the people in the village for the last time. The fox put his paw on Qin Wen's shoulder and,mobile garbage bin, regardless of her soft knees, half dragged her to the village face. Fox. Granny Fox. Qin Wen was pulled by her a stagger, "we are not tomorrow half a day?"? Don't be in such a hurry. The main reason is that Qin Wen is still in shock and really has no interest in meeting the people in the village. That's no good. We have to prepare a lot of things in advance. If we don't meet everyone today, we won't have a chance in the future. The fox dragged her, just walked through the loess ground and walked into the village. There were many people standing on the bluestone road in the village. It was different from the desolate people in the past. Today, it was surprisingly lively. Look, they're all waiting for you. Qin Wen turned her head. Most of the people standing on the roadside were old ladies and fathers-in-law with wrinkled faces. Occasionally, a few young people smiled at her when they saw her looking over. These are all the people of the Qin family. The fox took her by the hand and drew her to an old woman. This is your great-aunt. The old woman smiled, and the wrinkles on her face covered her eyes. Wen Yi.. The old lady waved to Qin Wen. What are you waiting for? The fox pushed Qin Wen from behind. "Why don't you call your aunt?" Qin Wen was pushed forward by it a few steps, the old lady saw that her footsteps were unstable and held her hand, "be careful at your feet." Somehow, plastic pallet manufacturer ,heavy duty plastic pallet, facing the old man with a strange face, Qin Wen suddenly felt a little sour in her heart. Wen, you don't remember me, but I held you when you were young. Qin Wen's eyes were red, and she remembered a black-and-white photo she had been facing since she could remember. Grandpa was sitting in the middle, holding Grandma, and a woman with her mouth covered looked at them and smiled. It's a pity that my body doesn't live up to expectations and I can't stay up until you can remember. The old lady gently stroked the back of Qin Wen's hand. You child, why did you come when I didn't look for you? "Oh, Wen, do you remember me?" A young man with thick eyebrows and big eyes squeezed over from one side, "I am a girl!" He pointed to his face. Speaking of Xiyi, Qin Wen thought of a group of children gathered together when they were young and went to the fields to steal watermelons. The big round watermelons in the fields made Qin Wen greedy. She held one in her left hand and one in her right hand. Then in the field owner's roar, a group of children'wow 'a cry, scattered and fled, Qin Wen is the smallest one inside, naturally can not run, holding two big watermelons was caught by the field owner soon. Qin Wen did not remember anything, but remembered that the owner of the field was a young man with thick eyebrows and big eyes. Wen Yi, do you remember that you stole my watermelon? The young man with thick eyebrows and big eyes smiled at her, while Qin Wen recalled the past and blushed with shame. I'm sorry for stealing your watermelon. She looked at the young man, still as she remembered him, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, smiling without any scheming. I remember you said a few words and then let me go. "Ouch!" Qin Wen called out, "it's been so many years. Why haven't you changed at all?" Then she suddenly remembered that in the second year after she stole the melon, there was a heavy rain on the mountain, and she didn't trust her melon field to go up the mountain, so she didn't come back. Oh, it rained so heavily that day that I couldn't even see the road clearly. The boy laughed and scratched the back of his head. "He stepped on the air and fell down the hill." The young man laughed twice again. What about you, Wen? Qin Wen was stunned and shook her head. I don't know, I don't remember anything from that time.. "Oh.." The boy looked at her, "Wen, don't be afraid, you will remember tomorrow, and then you don't think too much." The fox patted her on the back. "All right, I'm going to go to the old master of the Qin family with Wen." The young man withdrew his hand and smiled. Business is important, business is important. Qin Wen followed behind the fox,plastic pallet bin, she turned around, the old and young are standing behind her, smiling at her.