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239-240 Ready (V74) Updated: November 28, 2012 8:15:55 Words in this Chapter: 5516 239 Golden Blue Plan Words are

239-240 Ready (V74) Updated: November 28, 2012 8:15:55 Words in this Chapter: 5516 239 Golden Blue Plan Words are divided into two parts. Please remember this site Not to mention that yuan started his plan step by step, but only said that Jin Lan was on his side. Since Jinlan came up with the idea of compiling a textbook for the examination points, over the past year, the business of Lianjinlou has naturally become better and better, and its reputation has grown even bigger. Jin Lan's days are full, but he is tired of doing everything himself. No matter how Liu Quan thought about it, he felt that he had put the cart before the horse. Originally, I wanted Jinlan to take care of herself here, but now I'm even more tired than when I was at the Imperial Palace in Kyoto-just a tired heart and a tired body. So, Liu Quan went to find ZhuGeWencai to discuss this matter. Zhuge Wencai had long thought of this, and the next day he found someone to buy a few guys to come back to Lianjinlou to help. As a matter of course, Jin Lan became the boss behind the scenes. After resting for a few days, Wencai received the news that the fourth son of Emperor Dayu had been sent to Yongzhou by the emperor to be a grain supervisor. Ever since Wencai knew that Xiao Si was yuan, whenever Zhuge's family went out to work, he would specially order them to pay more attention to the movements of the four princes in Kyoto. Zhuge Wencai didn't know how to tell Jin Lan the news. Yu Duoduo went to Beijing last year because yuan wanted to marry a concubine. Later, I heard that the princess-to-be had suddenly died. Although Zhuge Wencai knew that it was not a happy thing to die for nothing,push button toilet flush valve, he was happy for no reason. From then on, Zhuge Wencai knew that he was not a good man. Although he was familiar with the sage, he could not reach the realm of such a broad mind. He is just a very small drop in the vast number of people, and he is also selfish. If he had to choose between sacrificing others and friends, he would not hesitate to push the "others" out to die without any guilt. Although he often complained that the brain structure of Jinlan was no different from that of neuropathy, from the time he met them, Wencai was attracted by the temperament of this group of people-that group of people represented the existence of breaking stereotypes,Self-closing Shower Valve, that was a kind of free and uninhibited world-that was the place Wencai had always wanted to pursue but always felt that he could never reach. So, from the bottom of my heart, Zhuge Wencai is actually very fond of this group of people, and has long classified them as friends. Of course, he is duty-bound to help Jin Lan and Xiao Si. Therefore, no matter how many mysteries are hidden inside, in short, yuan is unable to marry, and Zhuge Wencai is naturally happy. But this joy has not had time to start, immediately heard that yuan was transferred to the grassland to guard the ancestral mausoleum. This guard ancestral mausoleum, to put it nicely, is the son of heaven attaches importance to this prince will give him such an important matter. But everyone in the world does not know, Manual Flush Valve ,stainless steel toilet, this is actually the son of heaven to the prince's exile in disguise. Only a year later, the yuan was demoted again. Grain inspector? He's just a farmer in the rear! In Zhuge Wencai's opinion, yuan Guo was not welcomed by the emperor, so he was exiled here again and again. When he mumbled and finally told Jin Lan all the news, he thought that Jin Lan would be anxious, and his heart was already full of comfort. Where to expect, Jin Lan smiled, not worried at all. After laughing for a while, she said to herself, "It's finally come to this.". Then I have to speed up the process. This said that Zhuge Wencai was a monk who couldn't figure it out. He immediately suspected that he was already in heaven and earth with this man. He could not understand the ideological realm of Jinlan at all! After waiting for Jin Lan to walk into the room thoughtfully, Zhuge Wencai immediately asked Liu Quan, "Is your girl worried too much?"? This reaction is not like a normal person? Shall I send for the doctor! If you are sick, you must be treated early! Bah, Liu Quan said angrily, "You are sick!"! Don't curse my girl. My girl will live a long life. After a pause, he touched his chin and said with a straight face, "But do you think my master is the kind of person who is beaten and doesn't fight back?"? Nope! He is the kind of person who can be disfigured by being hit on the left side of the face. So I always feel that this is not easy. ” Zhuge Wencai looked at him, although he admitted that yuan was indeed that kind of person, but that metaphor is a slave to describe the master? Are you sure Liu Quan, this idiot, is not slandering his master? Facts have proved that although Liu Quan's head is relatively simple, his understanding of yuan is deep to the marrow. But compared with Jinlan, it's still a little worse. Because Jin Lan's vision has always been very long-term, he knows that yuan does everything purposefully, just like he marries the Lian family, he goes to the grasslands, he goes to the eastern prefectures and counties-all her thoughts are on yuan, so she can see more thoroughly than others. And Jinlan has never been a weak flower. yuan kept her down to protect her, of course she knew; she didn't dare to make trouble for yuan, but she could create a more open road for yuan. Even if she stays here for the first week, she has something she can do. . Jin Lan stayed in seclusion for a month, and Liu Quan brought all the meals to the door of her room. Had it not been for receiving empty plates on the ground every day, Zhuge Wencai would have worried that Jinlan was on a hunger strike in the house. Zhuge Wencai asked Liu Quan, what is Jin Lan doing every day? The extent of forgetting to eat and sleep will catch up with the time when he compiled the book. Liu Quan shook his head, and he didn't know more about it than Zhuge Wencai. However, what he knew was that Zhuge Wencai could spend so much energy without sleep, and Jinlan was absolutely impossible. The master left him with Jin Lan so that he could take good care of him. Otherwise, he has no face to see his master. As a result, Liu Quan was busy every day, thinking of ways to give Jinlan nutritious food,stainless steel shower tray, and all kinds of tonic soup and tonic were sent to Jinlan with three meals a day. Zhuge Wencai couldn't understand. He said to Liu Quan, "Since you're so worried about your girl, just go in and tell your girl to stop what she's doing and stop doing it." 。