What is a land rig installation simulator?

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What is a land rig installation simulator?

The land drilling rig installation simulation trainer is based on the detailed study of petroleum engineering technology, which is the core, and then combined with virtual reality technology and computer network technology.


The main components are electronic atlas, virtual assembly of drilling rig, simulated operation of drilling rig, animation display of the whole process of drilling rig installation, derrick/base lifting and lowering training and other modules.


The simulator can train personnel on the following: the whole process of land drilling rig installation, safety precautions for installation, the lifting and lowering process of land drilling rig derrick base, rig tripping and drilling operations, top drive operation, the overall structure of the drilling rig and important aspects of the drilling rig The internal structure of the device, etc.


The system contains high-definition animations to show the installation steps and precautions, as well as a detailed electronic atlas of equipment to show the structure of the drilling rig. It also has 3D animations for simulating the visual environment of the scene.


If you need more information about the land rig installation simulator, please contact Esimtech for more information.