7 Tips And Tricks How To Increase The Internet Speed ​​Of Your Android Phone

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The internet is a very important part of our life. It allows us to get all kinds of information, share it with others and connect with other people around the world. The speed of your internet connection determines how fast you can use this tool to achieve your goals. If you want to increa

The internet is a very important part of our life. It allows us to get all kinds of information, share it with others and connect with other people around the world. The speed of your internet connection determines how fast you can use this tool to achieve your goals. If you want to increase the speed of your Android phone, then here are 7 tips and tricks that will help:

1. Change the DNS of your network

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It’s the software that translates domain names into IP addresses, which are then used to find websites on the internet.

A public DNS is one that's available to all internet users and can be changed by anyone who knows how to do it. A private DNS, however, is only accessible through an account with your network provider (such as Comcast or Time Warner). This means that if you're using a public Wi-Fi hotspot at work or home and someone else tries accessing your network from another location within range of theirs (even if they don't have any data services), they'll still be able see everything going on in there!

There are two main reasons why changing your router's default DNS settings could improve performance: 1) It will cause requests made by devices connected directly into its ports rather than through routers' built-in ones; 2) Changing this setting may also allow certain applications (like Skype) access more bandwidth than usual because they won't need

2. Disable animation and transition effects

This will help you to increase your internet speed. To do this, go to Settings Display Animation and Transition Effects and then turn off Animations and Transitions.

To check if it is working, open Google Chrome or any other web browser on your Android phone, click on the menu button (three vertical dots) located at the top right corner of your screen, then choose "Settings" followed by "Animation". You should see a list of available animation effects that can be enabled or disabled accordingly by tapping on them one by one until they are grayed out meaning they have been disabled completely.

3. Turn on airplane mode

  • In order to increase your internet speed, you should turn on airplane mode. This will disable all wireless connections and help you to get a good speed.

  • If there is no network coverage in your place and if you have no other option but to use your phone, then it’s time for airplane mode!

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4. Clear application cache regularly to increase internet speed

Cache is a temporary data storage area on your phone that contains the instructions for how to run applications. When you install an app, it stores its cache in this area so that when you launch the application again, it can quickly access the information stored there instead of having to reload all that information from scratch.

The benefits of clearing cache include:

  • Improving page load times by reducing traffic between your device and Google servers;

  • Reducing battery consumption;

  • Decreasing memory usage (especially important if you have many apps installed);

If you want to clear your current cache, simply go into Settings Apps notifications All Apps Select the one(s) whose cache needs clearing. You may need to force close them before doing so though - just tap anywhere outside these tabs until they disappear from view then swipe up on them again until only "Clear" appears under Storage menu options at bottom left corner of screen

5. Switch to a faster browser

  • Switch to a faster browser

The best way to increase the speed of your Android phone is by switching from one browser to another. While there are many different options available for browsing the web, some browsers are better than others at loading pages quickly and efficiently. The main factors that contribute toward these differences include:

  • Resource consumption

  • Security measures of websites visited (SSL/TLS certificates)

  • Stability of websites visited (no crashes or hanging)

6. Download files at night

You can download files at night to avoid peak traffic. If you don't want to wait until morning when the network is less congested, you can use your phone's data connection for downloading files during off-peak hours.

However, it is important not to download large files or videos in this manner because they will take up more storage space and increase battery consumption on your device.

7. All Wi-Fi networks are not the same

  • All Wi-Fi networks are not the same

The speed of your internet connection depends on the type of network you are connected to. Wi-Fi networks are not created equal and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to know how they differ before deciding which one is right for you. Most people already know that if they want a faster download or upload speed on their device, they should connect via Ethernet cable instead of wireless because it's less susceptible to interference from other electronics in their home or office building (like microwaves). But did you know there are four different types of wireless connections? And some things can affect which type works better for certain tasks like browsing websites or using apps?

By increasing your internet speed, you will be able to enjoy a smoother web browsing experience.

  • Increase your internet speed

  • Smooth web browsing experience

  • Enjoy a better user experience


We can only hope that you will be able to enjoy a better experience on your Android phone. We wish you good luck with all of these tips and tricks!