5 Signs You Need New Command Center Desks

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Provide an excellent work environment for your team. Shop for new emergency operation center furniture that fits your needs better.

Command center desks can help or impair your productivity levels at work. If yours isn’t as effective as you wish, it may be time to consider getting new desks. Look for the following signs. If you encounter any of them, it’s better to replace your command center desks to ensure better results. 

Your Operators Don’t Look at the Video Wall

The video wall is an essential component of the room. Your operators shouldn’t have to look to the side or anywhere else to check the video wall. It should be right in front of them. Large scale video wall systems improve collaboration and make data sharing among teams, departments, and operators easier. To make that arrangement possible, your new command center desks should be designed and located in the right spot. If that’s not the current setup, you’re missing out on a lot. 

You Have Mismatched Technologies 

Do you have products from various vendors? That may not be a huge problem if all those products work well together and are compatible. That’s not always the case, though. Is your command center operating efficiently? You’ll want to consider choosing integrated solutions. That may reduce the hardware and clutter on your desk. It can also help you make the most out of your command center desks. And if it turns out that you need more hardware or less, you can change your desks and choose new emergency operation center furniture that can accommodate your needs better. 

Your Employees Have Health Problems 

If your command center desk doesn’t provide adjustable-height desks, that can compromise employee health in the long term. Studies show that people should try standing up at work for two hours after four hours of sitting down. By providing your operators with that option, you can help your team stay healthier. The healthier they are, the fewer absences and lates you must deal with at work. In addition, if employees feel that they don’t have enough space, that could affect their perception and motivation. A well-designed desk can help relieve the tension and stress in your employees. 

You Don’t Have Enough Space

Is there enough space for your employees? Do they feel crammed into their desks? Do they even have enough elbow space? Is there enough room for foot traffic in the room? Or is everyone bumping into chairs or desks? Maybe your command desk center is too big for your room. If that is the case, start looking for options that fit into your control room better. 

You Have Too Many Employees 

If you are expanding your team but don’t want to have a new facility built, you can re-organize your control room with more compact desks. However, you should be careful in ensuring that your staff still have enough space. Cramming people into a small room can backfire as it can make them feel they’re congested. Eliminate unnecessary desk features so you can get them all into the same room and still allow adequate counter space for your teams.