Virtual adultery - a prank or mischief?

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Treason is not like treason - someone will say. And he would be wrong. You can psychologize the concept of sin, but sin is a sin. We can call treason an easy pastime, a silly interest, and it does not matter whether it is real or virtual - the consequences are always the same ...

Since the World Wide Web firmly wrapped its tentacles around all of us, a rare man has not become a victim of his curiosity. Forums, chat rooms, dating sites, blogs, and so on are opening up to us a previously unknown world of virtual communication. Here you do not have to be yourself - you try on someone else's image, you have a new name, and here you are - not you.

On the one hand, this is not a bad thing: we remove psychological barriers for ourselves and try to communicate in a way that we have never been able to with anyone else in real life. There is no need to instantly select words, there is time to think, to "pluck" someone else's idea, and then pass it off as your own. I am pleased with myself to the extreme. No one here will see the pimples on your face, and certainly not hear a stutter or disgusting diction, not wrinkle your unpleasant voice. You - the phantom, the invisible man, superman, sexy lady, a bitch with years of experience, or a nymphet seductress. You create yourself, like a little god. Your world is created, it's time to act.

Let's go to a dating site. God, what a wealth of choices! With your tongue stuck out, you begin to look reverently and greedily at other people's luscious shapes and candid pics. On a market day, there is everything you want on the shelves. And absolutely for free! But to get a taste of it, you have to become a member of the friendly staff, otherwise, you will be able to look at the "showcase" only from a distance. Your hand reaches for the cherished button "register" - and that's it, the mechanism is started.

After a lot of hard work on your questionnaire, you either wait for someone to "bite" it, or go on the offensive. The latter - is the privilege of men, however, some brave individuals of the female sex are not bound by this privilege. Then begins the addiction. Every morning we run to check our e-mail. Oh! My heart beats frantically - your letter! And so it goes day after day, month after month. The characters change, and the excitement picks up.

All those around you - wives, husbands, girlfriends, and loved ones - eventually fade into the background. Their qualities dim, and the presence of loved ones in your life becomes something familiar and to the point of boredom. Now the fire of passion burns in another's arena, where you - the main and invincible gladiator, winner of hearts, and manipulator of destinies.

However, sometimes you have to break away from the virtual life and return to the real world. Conscience still sometimes gives signs of life, but less and less each time. Sooner or later there comes a denouement.

According to psychologists, phone cheating is no different from true infidelity. The survey, conducted by staff at Queen's University in Belfast, involved 245 students. Participants in the experiment were asked to complete the story of a couple in which one partner had a virtual relationship online. The researchers tried to understand exactly how students interpreted "electronic flirting."

It turned out that 51% of participants in the experiment considered it cheating, and 84% agreed that the second partner was bound to feel betrayed. Experts argue that a virtual affair on the side can threaten people's real relationships. Emotional infatuation, even without physical contact, can seriously affect the relationship between people.

According to the results of the survey, women are more painful perceiving such unusual infidelity than men. Seeking flirtation on the Internet can also be a symptom of pre-existing problems. It may be easier for people to justify online flirting, but the consequences can be just as serious as in a real cheating situation: loss of trust, resentment, and pain.

And if it doesn't seem dangerous to you from the outside, try cheating virtually yourself. This is not a call, God forbid you to stick your finger in a place where you risk losing your hand. Not everyone is given to stop in time, and the number of ruined lives is not justified.