Now they're teaming up with the Jazz

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They'd go to school. They would come home. They'd pop-in NBA 2K MT -- the 2009 edition of this NBA-based video sport -- and would ball online. Five-on-five digital games. On the weekends, the same thing. Perform all weekend. Rack up stats. Come home, log in to NBA 2K and match. Day after day. Week after week.

It turned out to be a competitive time using hundreds of thousands competing on the web. Shaka, whose speech was"YoungSparks92," saw someone climbing the rankings with him. "YoungKobe3." Both New Yorkers were connected together then. Little did they know that almost a decade later they would be teammates, competing side by side for the Utah Jazz in a professional league for NBA 2K gamers.

See, in the time, it was all about positions. They climbed the ladder up. Shaka had the bragging rights -- always ahead of Lotty. When Lotty found out the two NBA 2K stars climbed up in the same neighborhood of Mount Vernon, New York. He knew he needed to fight him. 1 match to pick bragging rights for the town and 2K. They went to different high schools, so it wasn't like they could join on their own.

Shaka wanted the opportunity to play Lotty one on one. He always knew he was a better player than himeven if they had been constantly neck-and-neck at the competitive rankings. He only needed the moment to prove it. They played with a hard-fought game. Lotty picked the Los Angeles Lakers -- a team touting a prime Kobe Bryant -- and Shaka chose the Rockets, which had Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming at the time. The game was close, but Shaka won by 10 or so.

Later that night, both competitors -- that had never met until there -- ended up going into the movies. Fast forward more than a decade and both are still side by side, teaming together on Jazz Gambling, the Utah Jazz affiliate to its NBA 2K League. "When we found out that we were from precisely the same area and we're both on top of the planet, such as, wow, that is mad we need to Cheap NBA 2K21 MT Coins start hanging out and talking about the sport to kind of learn from each other," Shaka explained. "And we just became teammates then."