United Airlines Philadelphia

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Want to know about United Airlines Philadelphia PHL Airport?

The biggest airport in Pennsylvania is Philadelphia International Airport. It is a key hub for the Northeastern United States, fifth-largest hub overall, as well as its main European and transatlantic gateway. The airport, which saw 19.6 million passengers a year, is now the 21st busiest in the country. The airport is 7 miles (11 km) from the city's centre and has 22 airlines that provide close to 500 departures per day to more than 130 locations across the world.

At the Philadelphia International Airport, Terminal A is used to handle international arrivals that have not been pre-cleared. The Terminal A-East baggage claim sections recently had an upgrade, and the terminal is well-maintained. Passengers are directed to the customs facilities at Terminal A West since the bulk of the gates in this terminal are configured to accept arrivals from other countries.

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