What happens when you select the multi-city option on Latam Airlines

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Latam Airlines is considered one of the largest airlines in Latin America. You can easily book flights online or by contacting their customer support team. Latam Airlines provide great deals and services for your better journey.

They offer one-way, round trip, or multi-city booking options to book your flights. Latam multi-city flight tickets are less expensive than roundtrip and one-way flights. You can explore multiple destinations in one trip and at the same price.

What is the Multi-City Flight Option?

Multi-city flight allows you to book several cities in one trip. Instead of flying directly from one place to another, you can break into multiple destinations at the exact price of one ticket reservation. It allows you to visit many cities on one ticket—experience different cities’ cultures and vibes on your next vacation by selecting the multi-city flight option.

How to book a Multi-city flight?

To contact Latam for multi-city booking, you can either visit the website or contact Latam Airlines customer service, choose according to your need and time. The following are the ways in detail you can use:

By Website:

You can explore many options on the Latam Airlines website, where you can choose the cities, dates timings of arrival and departure of each town, or compare the cost. To book your multi-city flight, follow the below steps:

  • Go to the website of Latam Airlines,

  • Choose the “Book Flights” option from the Homepage

  • Start booking your flight,

  • Select “Multi-City” on the trip type option,

  • Enter the details like arrival and departure cities, travel dates, number of passengers,

  • Tap the search button,

  • A list will appear on the screen of available flights,

  • Select the best-suited flight for your route,

  • Tap the “Booking” button,

  • Now, enter the passenger details,

  • Choose your preferred payment option,

  • Continue with the payment,

  • After successful payment, your booking will be confirmed.


By Call:

If you wish to explore more than one destination, contact Latam for multicity booking by calling +1 (866) 435 9526 on your phone and talking to the executive; they will guide you on how to book a multi-city flight and will secure your ticket on your behalf. Tell them your final destination, date, timings, and the required details. They will provide you with the best deals based on your preference and tell you the cost. Choose the flight to book and make the payment. After payment, you’ll receive confirmation of your keys in your mail. 

What are the Benefits Of Multi-City Flight

  • Combine several cities in one trip:

Are you wasting your time on layovers? Use the multi-city option to explore more than one destination in one trip. You can plan your trip by combining multiple cities in your route.

  • Stress-Free:

Long flights are very stressful sometimes. So take a break on your trip and book multiple stop points. By this, your journey will be less exhausting and more relaxing. You can also have time to hop into a new city, rest for a while, grab a fresh meal and continue with the rest of the trip.

  • Less Time Consuming Convenient:

It’s better to book one ticket rather than booking one-way tickets to multiple destinations. The Multi-City option makes it convenient for travelers who wish to visit different cities.