Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 1-2

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo

What's superior to a conventional lawyer? A remarkable one! Furthermore, that is the ideal descriptor for our courageous woman, who sets out on this exceptional excursion to beat biases and break generalizations. So lock in for the ride, individuals, we are obliging her.

Welcome to the universe of our champion Charm Youthful Charm (Park Eun-receptacle), and in this world, she's the very first mentally unbalanced lawyer in Korea! Youthful charm is a colossal admirer of whales, has a storage room more coordinated than my life, and I love her as of now.

We meet her on her most memorable day at the law office Hanbada, and from its vibes, nobody was anticipating that the recently added team member should be on the range. But, obviously, Chief HAN SEON-Youthful (Baek Ji-won) - who was a school junior to Youthful charm's father Charm KWANG-HO (Jeon Bae-Soo) - and individual lawyer CHOI SU-YEON (Ha Yoo-kyung) who was Youthful charm's graduate school colleague.

Youthful charm's most memorable obstacle at work is the wariness of her nearby chief, JUNG MYEONG-SEOK (Kang Ki-youthful), who quickly doles out her on a case to try out her abilities. What's more, Youthful charm doesn't precisely gain favor with him when she pictures the proof for the situation (an iron) as a sperm whale, and dispatches into an extemporaneous class on sperm whales. Haha. I suspect this whale gag will be a running one, and I anticipate more.

At any rate, back to our most memorable case, the client is a lady in her seventies who is accused of endeavored murder in the wake of hitting her unreasonably desirous spouse on the head with an iron. Youthful charm perceives the client as the spouse of the landowner of her experience growing up home, who was dependably good to her regardless of her significant other's semi-rough nature, and his incorrect hint of an issue between his better half and Youthful charm's father.

Youthful charm is told to get the client off waiting on the post trial process, however she expresses that the client ought to be gotten off for real mischief as opposed to endeavored murder. Her explanation being that in future when the spouse bites the dust, the client will not have the option to acquire his annuity or their home assuming that she's sentenced for his endeavored murder (rather than real mischief).

Myeong-seok is very intrigued with her thinking, and advises her to continue with this. He likewise apologizes for his underlying demeanor towards her, and that is simply extraordinary on the grounds that I don't have it in me to loathe a Kang Ki-youthful person.

Still looking into it, Youthful charm is joined by lawyer LEE JUN-HO (Kang Tae-goodness) to visit the client at the clinic, and her better half detonates in the wake of discovering that Youthful charm is the girl of their previous occupant. Murmur. Am I a terrible individual on the off chance that I wish the iron had hit him somewhat harder? The client likewise says she wishes she had killed her significant other all things considered, however Youthful charm can see past the client's disappointment to realize that she really thinks often about the spouse.

Myeong-seok chooses to continue looking into the issue with a jury preliminary, and lawyer KWON MIN-Charm (Joo Jong-hyuk) volunteers to give the contentions at the preliminary since Youthful charm could experience issues addressing the jury due to her inability. In any case, Youthful charm rushes to close down his "help" and would prefer to involve the handicap as an influence to bring out the feelings of the likely jury. Atta young lady!

The preliminary starts off, and similarly as the jury is becoming involved with Youthful charm's contention of the spouse being a loudly harmful man - because of him attacking her once more from the testimony box in court — he tragically passes on coming back to the clinic, and her client's charge is changed from endeavored murder to kill. Yowser!

Be that as it may, this doesn't throw Youthful charm off kilter. All things considered, she fits every one of the bits of the case together to demonstrate that the spouse passed on from a prior condition as opposed to the hit from the iron. Subsequently, the thankful client is seen as not at real fault for homicide and is let off with a probation for substantial damage. Yaay!

After effectively wrapping up her most memorable case, it's on to the following for Youthful charm, and this time, it's the situation of a wedding dress that sneaked off. That's right, you read that right. Two or three walks down the walkway at their fantasy lodging wedding, the lady gets occupied, excursions, and her strapless dress descends to open her treats to the visitors. Furthermore, however the man of the hour puts forth a valiant effort to cover the front, he can't conceal the tattoo of a Bodhisattva on her back - which isn't all that terrible, with the exception of she should be a Christian. Heh doramasmp4


The following strategy by the lady of the hour's dad is to sue the lodging (claimed by the lucky man's family btw) for the embarrassment, and he names his pride as worth more than a billion won. Hanbada doesn't figure he can get up to that sum in remuneration, however when he makes reference to that his business is prevailing in a contending law office, President Han gets generally serious and promises to get the pay the other law office couldn't get for him.

Myeong-seok and his group are appointed to the situation, and to gather data, he dispatches Min-charm and Su-yeon to the inn to play a secret couple, and afterward Youthful charm and Jun-ho to the impacted couple. In any case, Su-yeon, who really likes Jun-ho, needs to switch spots, and Youthful charm concurs.