Boxed Wedding Invitations for Wedding Festivities

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Impress your guests with custom-made acrylic wedding invitations, Duallush exclusive range of acrylic invitations is available wholesale.

This custom hardwood lacquer box, which provides the invitation a very substantial and regal appearance, kicks off this collection of boxed wedding invites and will help you infuse your wedding festivities with a sense of refinement. This wedding invitation's wow impact is increased by the velvet Potlid-style bag that surrounds the box, which is an attractive shade of purple.

Such boxed wedding invitations can be a nice option for you if you are hosting a lavish destination wedding. The box is an exact duplicate of a vibrant, colourful, retro suitcase, signifying that guests should pack up and head straight to the wedding invitations. Such inventive boxed wedding invites will undoubtedly make your guests grin and convey the joy of your wedding festivities.


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