Madden NFL 23 has reportedly been investigating Watson

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A Madden NFL 23 player is at the center of one of the biggest scandals the league has ever seen and the silence of key figures has never been more apparent. The latest allegations against Deshaun Watson are being made public, and a lawsuit for the player has now become a part of the Houston Texans, but you'd never know anything was happening when you only pay focus on Madden NFL 23 directly or the Cleveland Browns.

On May 24. Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league's investigation into Watson was waning. In the last week, it was reported that the league had completed its probe. The investigation isn't in sight, even though this season's Madden NFL 23 has reportedly been investigating Watson for the past 15 months.

Through this entire process, Madden NFL 23 has held the line that it would not comment on an ongoing investigation. This is reasonable for a situation that would last just a few months, however this has been dragging on for a good year. What's the amount of time required? It is likely that Madden NFL 23 have had enough experience to offer an update on its process or issue preliminary findings -regardless of whether more accusations surface. The way it is now, the omission is a sign of an effort from the team to protect Watson along with the players involved from scrutiny, not to investigate the facts -- Buy Madden 23 Coins is the whole point investigating in the beginning.The Madden NFL 23 International Series will expand into Germany later this year in the form of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Seattle Seahawks scheduled to meet during the game in Munich at the end of November. To say that fans are already excited about this game is an understatement.