In terms of when the portable version of WOW

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In terms of when the portable version of WoTLK Classic Gold could be released like it is for Blizzard the developer has said that it will not release the product until it's ready.

"We will not do it until we're convinced it's acceptable," he said. "But it's fascinating as the technology is moving towards that small handheld device. I'd love to enjoy it. That's certainly the scenario."

How can WOW function with an iPhone? Lagrave stated that certain game systems, such as fishing or pet battles would work better than other games.

"Certainly you'll look through systems" the expert said. "You might take a look at fishing and ask"Is the fishing suited to sitting at a table, or on a mobile? It would be amazing isn't it? You're at the airport and think, "I'll take a trip to the fishing.' We definitely take a look at battles with pets too but for the moment, we're focusing on PC and Mac. That's our primary focus, PC and Mac."

Blizzard already has a foot in the mobile world with the release of its WOW Mobile Armory in 2009 that lets players view stats on their characters, browse auction houses, view character statistics Auction House, and manage guilds.

The next thing for WOW comes next up is the Mists of Pandaria expansion. This add-on takes place on the brand new planet of Pandaria and focuses on Pandaren and the monk class. It is an expansion that doesn't have any launch date yet, raise the level cap for players to 90.

WoW 7.3 Update is Available Patch Notes Available

cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold 's next major update is out. Update 7.3 is dubbed Shadows of Argus, and in addition the update adds a new vessel named Vindicaar which you can take to explore Argus and serves as the main homeworld for The Burning Legion.