How to properly prepare a horse for a haircut?

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How to prepare a horse for shearing. How to make sure he doesn't get spooked. How to make it beautiful and well-groomed. Let's look at all these questions in more detail in this article.

Haircutting a horse"s mane is an integral part of the care and maintenance of a horse. It gives the overall appearance of the horse a neat look and prevents dirt and other irritants from sticking to its coat. However, it is very difficult because some horses are nervous due to their young age or have not been properly prepared for their introduction to electric hair clippers. In addition to being tedious work, shearing can be dangerous for both horse and human, as a nervous horse is likely to kick and injure himself, and there is also the possibility that he will twitch and hurt himself.

Wear appropriate clothing when you shear your horse. It is important to wear sensible shoes like boots or something else that will protect you from the horse"s sudden movement.
Avoid wearing fluffy clothing, as wool tends to stick to it and can irritate you while you are shearing.
Also, wear a cap, so your hair doesn"t cover your face, or worse, get tangled in the machine.

Choose the right place. Find a suitable location, preferably with good lighting.
 - If the weather permits, you should perform the haircut outside the stable to ensure enough light to get a clear view of what you are cutting.
 - If indoors, make sure adequate lighting is available.

Restrain the horse with the reins and harness in your hand. By restraining your horse while shearing, you will keep yourself and your horse safe.
 - Wrap the harness around your horse"s neck and hold the end of it to restrain the animal while you attach the reins temporarily.
 - Place the nose part of the reins over the horse"s nose. Place the headpiece over the animal"s ears.
 - Thread the headpiece strap under the jaw, and attach the buckle to the ring on the horse"s left jaw. Attach the rope to the ring at the chin end of the reins.
 - Then, lead the horse to where you will perform the shearing, holding the tie or reins and tightening them as you pass near the horse.
 - To hold the horse, have your helper tie the tie to the post and hold the reins so that when the horse moves, the slight tension of the reins will hold it back.
 - If you are working alone, you can restrain the horse with crossing ropes attached to each side of the reins and secured to two opposite poles.

Tidy the horse"s coat to prepare it for shearing. The horse should have clean skin with no traces of caked dirt and dust before shearing.
A clean coat will ensure that the machine will not get stuck while shearing and the horse will not get bored or hurt.
However, a full bath is probably not necessary.

Prepare the shearing machine and the basic materials needed for shearing. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment ready at hand.
Prepare heavy-duty extension cords with breakers.
You"ll need at least one set of trimmers to cut wide areas of the coat and a small trimmer to cut the area around the muzzle and ears.

It"s hard to know how well any particular clipper will cut the hair the first time, so it"s worth choosing a horse clipper (link

Set the tension of the clipper properly. Make sure that the pressure of the clipper is correct and sufficient before you cut your hair.
The correct tension setting can be made by referring to the machine"s instruction manual you selected.
Additionally, have a damp sponge and warm water to use after shearing and good blankets and sheets to cover your horse, especially in cold weather.
This will help prevent freezing, as newly clipped horses need extra insulation to provide warmth.
Horses engaged in hard work will benefit from a hunter"s haircut. For this haircut, a line is drawn around and above the horse"s forehead and knee with chalk. Then all areas of hair above the line are cut, including the belly, muzzle, head, and chest. The scruffy bangs and tail are not clipped.