Photomos Relays Market Research Report 2022 | Upcoming Market Growth, Global Analysis, Segments, Size, Share

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The Global Photomos Relays Market was valued at USD 239.67 Million in 2021 and is expected to rise with a CAGR of 14.8% from 2022-2028.

Photomos relays market


Major Key Players:

Toshiba CorporationPanasonic CorporationOMRON Corporation,COSMO ElectronicsRenesas Electronics Corp.,IXYS Corporation,Bright Toward Industrial Co., Ltd

The Global Photomos Relays Market was valued at USD 239.67 Million in 2021 and is expected to rise with a CAGR of 14.8% from 2022-2028 during the forecast period. Growing application of PhotoMOS Relays in electric vehicles is driving the market. Over the period, there is an advancement in the field of architecture and engineering that has bought many revolutionary changes specifically in the form of digital up-gradation.PhotoMOS relays are the semiconductor relays which consist of an LED coupled optically to a MOSFET and are used primarily as signal relay replacements. Having no flexible contacts, PhotoMOS relays are understood to have long-term reliability than mechanical relays. PhotoMOS relay is a type of photocoupler which comprises of an LED at the input side and a photodetector at the output side. PhotoMOS coupler product also varies according to the kind of photodetector at the output side. Its core varieties include an IC-output photocoupler, transistor-output photocoupler, MOSFET-output photo coupler (known as “photorelay”), triac-output photocoupler.

Photomos relays market

 PhotoMOS Relays Market Size  Global Industry Analysis, Application , Region and Forecast, 2022-2028

Global PhotoMOS  Relay Market Report, History And Types

Global PhotoMOS Relays Market Research Report - Size, Share, Growth, Trends.

Regional Analysis:

North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, The Middle East and Africa

Segment Analysis:

Market Research Community provides extensive analysis of the size, share, major trends in each sub-segment of the Global PhotoMOS Relays Market, along with forecasts at the global, regional and country level from 2022-2028.

Covid Impact on Global PhotoMOS Relays Market

During 2020 owing to the pandemic, the global automotive industry saw a decline of 16% in automotive sales compared to 2019. As per the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, U.S. automotive manufacturing declined by 19%, Europe saw a decline of 21% on average, Latin America’s market declined by more than 30%, the African region saw a decline by 35% while the Asia region saw a decline of 10% in production. As per McKinsey, in early COVID-19 outbreak, the automotive industry slammed on the brakes. Sales in China decreased 71 percent in February 2020; by April, sales in the United States had declined 47 percent, and sales in Europe had dropped 80 percent. The production in the various automotive industry dropped, which significantly affected the market of PhotoMOS relays.

Covid-19 has impacted the use of PhotoMOS relays in various end-use industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense and communications, consumer electronics, during the first quarters of the Covid-19 pandemic. The demand for PhotoMOS relays in the market significantly dropped due to disruption in the value chain of the market and low demand for semiconductor-based devices.

Scope Of Global PhotoMOS Relays Market Report

PhotoMOS Relays Market is segmented by Type, Application, End-Use Industry, and Region. By type the market is segmented into upto 80 V, 80V – 200V, Above 200V. By Application, the market is segmented into Testing Equipment, Programmable Logic Controller, Power Monitoring System and others. By End-Use Industry the market is segmented into Aerospace Defense, Automotive, Semiconductor Electronics, Industrial Automation, and Others. The report also covers the market size and forecasts for the Global PhotoMOS Relays Market in 26 countries across major regions.

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