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Kohl's, an American department store retail chain is the largest department store chain in the United States with 1,162 stores across 49 states.

If you shop at Kohl’s, here’s some good news: The retailer on Monday announced that members of its rewards program will earn an elevated rate  of 7.5% Kohl’s Rewards on every purchase they make with a Kohl’s credit card.


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The new rate is up from the previous rate of 5% regardless of payment method, Kohl’s said in a press release. It represents another step in a year-long program of enhanced cardholder rewards that Kohl’s has piloted in more than 100 stores across eight markets. In the pilot markets, Kohl’s saw an increase in rewards enrollments and Kohl’s Card purchases, along with a lift in overall sales.


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The success of the pilot program drove the company’s decision to roll out the benefit to all markets nationwide.


“Customers love our simplified Kohl’s Rewards program that leverages personalized offers and Kohl’s Cash,” Greg Revelle, Kohl’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement. “We partnered closely with store associates and customers to understand how we could make our benefits even more robust.”


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If you want to get in on the action and are not already a rewards member or Kohl’s credit cardholder, you’ll first have to apply   kohls for a card and enroll as a member. If you are approved for the card, you’ll get 35% off your first purchase of qualifying items. You can enroll in the rewards program online or in your nearest store.


Once you are approved and enrolled, you can start earning 7.5% Kohl’s Rewards on every purchase. Rewards members who choose an alternate payment method will continue to get 5% Kohl’s Rewards. The reward balances are converted and issued in $5 increments of Kohl’s Cash coupons on the first day of the following month, valid for 30 days. Customers have 30 days to use their rewards-issued Kohl’s Cash coupons.


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In addition, all rewards customers will continue to earn $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent on qualifying purchases during Kohl’s Cash promotional events.