You're able to sail into any waters in runescape

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If you're a runner, you bring your un-noted ess and give it to the NPC, he gives you back the proper quantity of legislation runes, and the RS gold mentioned ess. If you are a crafter, you bring 27 runes with you and also a certain sum of noticed essence. Give the NPC the 27 runes, and 27 noted ess. Craft them, rinse and repeat.

Second suggestion; Crafter Runner Interface. This is a bit more complex, but it utilizes the same system as former runecrafting. Version 1; You've got some type of setup window, like the GE. Runner; Basically, if you are a runner, then you would put in your 27 un-noted ess. A crafter would accept your offer from the window, which also showed other supplies.

You'd recieve noted character your appropriate runes. A window would seem, with boxes with images of un-noted ess. These are distinct supplies from the runners. (The supplies would prob. Be exactly the same. You click one, and are given 27 un-noted ess backagain.

Variation 2 (Personally I enjoy this much longer.) The same as the preceding, except you do not find the supplies, this is because perhaps certain crafters would only choose Buy old school runescape gold certain runners (friends etc.) Runner; Put on your character. A message appears in a window. "Waiting for offer to be completed" (or something like that.) After a time, you must recieve your own runes noticed ess.