adjustable ankle weights

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There is equipment designed to build body mass and develop your muscles like weight lifting equipment and equipment, designed to burn fat and loose weight like fitness equipment. Muscular and strength equipment increases the muscles' strength, reduces the level of cholesterol and hel

It is useful to people of any age and condition and may help you to shape your body the way you want. The muscular and strength exercise equipment includes free weights, dumbbells, barbells, ab training equipment, weight training benches, weight racks, vertical knee raise and dip stations, steps, cable machines, leg equipment such as leg presses, leg curl machines, leg extension machines, calf raises etc.

Free weights of adjustable ankle weights in different sizes and colors and are very easy to use. By using them you increase your muscle endurance, strength, power as well as your bones density and your flexibility. They are portable, not expensive and can be used even in front of the TV.

A type of free weight is the dumbbell. It also varies in size and shape and helps improving the muscle mass on your triceps, shoulders and your chest. There are Selectric dumbbells (their weight can be changed mechanically not manually, fixed weight dumbbells (dumbbell - shaped weights), adjustable dumbbells (the plates are to be added or removed manually).

Barbells include a set of collars (the metal components that secure the weights in place), a set of weight plates (discs) and a metal bar (usually steel). The bars come in different length and diameter (women's bar is shorter and lighter). There are standard barbells, Olympic barbells, Triceps bars, EZ Curl Bars, Thick handled Barbells etc. Bear in mind that when lifting barbells you are going to need spotters, for your own safety.

Leg presses are used to strengthen the lower part of the body, especially quadriceps, Gluteus Maximus, calves and hamstrings. Leg presses are leg equipment used to push away a weight by legs. Leg Extension Machines are used for strengthening the quadriceps muscle. In order to execute the calf raises, you should need a seated or a standing calf raise.

A type of resistance training is the usage of weighted clothing. The lower body weighted clothing includes ankle weights, thigh weights, and weighted footwear. The Core weighted clothing includes weighted belts, dip belts, hip drags, weight vests, neck weights, head weights, weighted backpacks, and integrated weight systems. The upper body weighted clothing includes upper arm weights, wrist weights, and weighted gloves.