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There are numerous crime shows filling the prime time slots. And you can find some version of Law and Order, CSI etc. on at any time of day on a number of channels.

The writers are increasingly creative and have a tireless supply of inspiration from real life events that they can put various spins on. The actors are dedicated and the directors are creating stories that are engaging and elicit emotional responses.

I know that personally they are my favorite thing to tune in to when I watch television. I watch spencer reid criminal minds crime unfold and the story develop around it until the criminals minimal error is exposed and the perp is collared! Usually this error is exposed by using a combination of a mastermind underpaid detective and the limitless resources of forensic science. I have often feared that this information may be misinterpreted by some as instruction. The program lays out how to commit the crime, what errors to avoid and if arrested how to see your trial through to acquittal.

The truth of the matter is that the numerous crime shows and frequency with which they air are in fact having an effect on real-world expectations. This effect has earned its own buzz phrase named the "CSI Effect" which is also referred to as the "CSI Syndrome". This effect is described as the viewing of crime shows raising victims and jury members expectation of forensic science. The television writers can overstate the accuracy of forensic techniques as well as exaggerate the ability of forensic science. The expectations of crime scene investigation and DNA testing are especially affected. Prosecutors are being pressured to present more forensic evidence in court. Potential jurors are sometimes asked if they are viewers of Forensic Crime shows as this trend is being considered.