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Surely in your case you know in which hand the Custom Mens Watches is placed. Perhaps out of habit, or because you have seen it that way in your father's case, or perhaps because you have noticed that it is where the rest of the people usually take it, or simply for convenience, but the truth is that, although it seems somewhat trivial, it has its foundations.

If you have ever wondered where the watch is placed, then we are going to tell you, because, believe it or not, it has its reasons and nothing is done by chance. Let's see it.

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Which hand is the watch on?

The truth is that most of us have put it on automatically since the first day we were given this fantastic accessory. Surely, the first time we have noticed our parents and we have followed the same custom. But if you notice, most people carry it in the left hand and some in the right. And that can make us ask ourselves the question, which hand does the watch go on for men? Or is there a rule about it?

Actually, everything is explained for purely practical reasons, it is normal to wear the Custom Womens Watches on the hand that is not dominant, why? Well, simply because we can see the time more easily by wearing it on the wrist where we do not usually carry out the usual actions. For example, when we write, we can check the time almost without stopping writing.

Therefore, if you are right-handed you should wear it on the left and if you are left-handed you should wear the Custom Luxury Watches on your right hand.

At the same time, without realizing it, we are also protecting it, since the wrist that is used the least is less susceptible to shocks, fractures or scratches than the dominant one.

Another reason could be simply for convenience, since, if we carry the watch on the less dominant hand, we will be able to carry out the actions more freely than if we carried it on it.

If we look at all the above reasons for where the watch goes, they perfectly explain why most people wear it on the left, as the existing proportion of left-handers is much lower. The truth is that there is no written rule about which hand it should be placed on, so it is normal to wear it on the wrist that is most comfortable for each person.

On the other hand, it can be thought that it is for customary reasons, since, until recently, being left-handed was frowned upon. And yes, this may explain why most watches used to be carried on the left hand. But there is another reason for this. And it is that, the first wristwatches were not automatic, they needed to be wound, and with what hand would we wind it? Well, with the dominant.

So, if you are wondering "watch on the right or left hand?", the truth is that you can wear it wherever you feel most comfortable. Nowadays it is not frowned upon (if that is what worries you) to wear it on any of the wrists.