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We have a wide range of build kits including AR-15 build kits, AR pistol kits along with 5.56 and .308 rifle build kits as well. Click here to explore.

  1. Can we carry an AR-15 as a protection device? | AR-15 kit 

We are living in a world which is advancing day by day. Although we are achieving heights of achievements, there are major drawbacks that are being ignored by the people. If there is a positive side then there is bound to be a negative side as well. 

Weapons are given for protection to common people but the procedure can take a lot of time. This is the usual case. But gun laws differ from one place to another. So, every place has a different reaction to violence. 

The Ar Kits have been popular among people for a long time now. It has been a preferable choice when it comes to selecting defence weapons. It is semi-automatic, and lightweight with an extremely high-hitting velocity bullet which can cause irreversible damage. 

It can be used as an exceptional protection device but to do so, a person needs to be highly trained, and have their background checked along with numerous other verification being carried out. 

This has been considered a military-grade weapon before. There have been cases where this rifle has been made easily available and unfortunate incidents have taken place. This proves the fact that the gun can do enough damage so it can be used as a defensive weapon as well. 

But to yield such a powerful and versatile rifle the person needs to be ready and should understand the gravity of the situation if it is used to carry out any kind of mishap.  Click here for more info  Complete Pistol Kits