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Custom Womens Watches are machines designed to be precise at all times and to be able to measure time as reliably as possible. But, on some occasions, even the most expensive models can have problems in their operation.

Before looking at the possible causes, you should bear in mind that no matter how good your watch is, it is normal for it to lose around 10 to 15 seconds a month, but we do not usually notice that for at least a year, for what is normal that we have to put it on time every several months to solve that unbalanced minute.

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If your watch stops or if it is just a little slow, there is no reason to be alarmed, there may be different causes that explain the problem. And it does not necessarily mean that it is very complicated to solve, so if you have ever asked yourself "why is my watch slow?"

Battery failure. It's a very logical reason, right? And it is that the batteries of the watches wear out over time, as in the rest of devices or machines. Keep in mind that batteries are designed to be used for 2 years, so when they run out of life they begin to show signs that they need to be changed.

There are many times that we think that the watch is broken, but this is not the case, the battery has simply run out. The normal thing is that it gives certain warnings, since a battery that is wearing out contributes to a delay that increases as it empties more, until it reaches the total stop of the mechanism.

So now you know, if you wonder why a quartz watch is late, the first thing you should check is its battery. And for this, nothing is easier than going to a watchmaker to check it. If this is the problem, with the simple purchase of a new battery, problem solved! have more than 20 years factory experience, which is a company engaged in the design, manufacture and export of watches. focus on making customized designs and providing OEM and ODM services. Welcome to Custom Luxury Watches just to your liking.