Gay Relationship Books

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Are you sick of the same-old tactics used by different authors of romance novels? The new book Ancient: Ancient Book 1 by R. Carrington will help you relax. It's one of the most interesting young adult homosexual romance books that tries to transport you to the past. The author has c

Are you tired of the repetitive approach of various romance book writers? R. Carrington’s new book Ancient: Ancient Book 1 is here to bring you some relief. It’s one of the most engaging coming-of-age gay relationship books that aims to take you back to ancient times. The combination that the author has created is nothing but the best of both worlds for the readers. This book has everything that a dedicated gay fiction reader can expect from a fresh gay novel. In this book, R. Carrington provides a brand-new narrative along with hope for closet gays to come out and experience a new world.