The progress and development in Aramco

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When students obtain a cumulative average between 85 and 90%, Aramco requires them to obtain a score of more than 90 in the general aptitude test.

Do you want to apply to Aramco? Do you know basically what Aramco is?

Aramco is considered one of the best companies working in the oil field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. .

The progress and development in Aramco has led to an increase in the desire of students to join its work team and to benefit from the qualifications and expertise of the employees and employees of the company. This is why the demand for scholarship programs offered by Aramco is increasing year after year.

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Given its knowledge of this importance, Al Baraa Abilities Platform presents this article to high school graduates to familiarize them with the most important conditions required for applying to Aramco and benefiting from the scholarship programs it offers.

What is Aramco?
Saudi Aramco is a Saudi company headquartered in the Dhahran region. It is a company specialized in the fields of oil, gas extraction and petroleum materials. It also specializes in petrochemical industries and various geological explorations, and the ability to employ the best technologies and tools to achieve the highest rates of interest from the existing natural resources. And keep it as long as possible.

As it is one of the leading companies in the oil field in the world, the dream of applying to Aramco and joining its team is considered essential by the students.

What is the application to Aramco?
The application process to Saudi Aramco indicates the students’ desire to apply for the university scholarship program offered by the company, which is a qualification program offered by the company to outstanding male and female students, graduates of the scientific division at the secondary level in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, extending for one year in order to enrich the experiences of these students about The way to link academic education with the actual reality of the labor market

After applying to Aramco and registering for admission tests, the selected students are transferred to study the university scholarship program for a period of one year at the training facilities of the company's headquarters in Dhahran.

After the end of the training period, students are sent abroad in order to complete their studies in a group of the best international universities in certain disciplines determined by the company according to its needs each year, and then the students return in order to join the company’s work team in the disciplines they studied.

Conditions for applying for Aramco scholarship
In order to apply to Aramco, there are a number of requirements that must be met, which are:

The student's age when applying to Aramco should not be more than 22 years old at the time of application.

The student’s regularity in studying the secondary stage in the scientific section, whether he is male or female, or a recent high school graduate in the year of admission to Aramco.

When a male or female student obtains a cumulative average of 90% or more in the scientific subjects for the first, second, and first half of the third grade of secondary school, then applying to Aramco requires him to obtain at least 85 degrees in an ability test.

When students obtain a cumulative average between 85 and 90%, Aramco requires them to obtain a score of more than 90 in the general aptitude test.