Sage Line 100 Advantages

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Sage line 100 is fully customizable as Sage has an extensive national network of developers who can tailor your Sage Line 100 program to specifically suit your business or industry needs

Sage business software offers a huge range of solutions for your financial, accounting, payroll, and human resource needs. They offer a range of packages for all types and sizes of business, from easy-to-use packages for very small businesses to full ERP solutions for large enterprises.

Sage Line 100 Business Solution

Sage Line 100 an established mid-range business solution offering an extensive range of Sage modules and third-party applications. It is ideal for businesses with large numbers of transactions, multiple concurrent users, and a requirement for customization and integration with industry-specific software. Sage is a global leader in financial and accounting software and has many years of experience in the industry. The business of choosing software for your business is often a daunting prospect so Sage Line 100 offers personalized customer service with great value for money.

Sage Line 100 Advantage and Features

Sage Line 100 offers several advantages and features for businesses. In general Sage Line 100 offers speed in the form of Batch entry facilities which allow you to enter large volumes of transactions and choose when to commit them to the ledgers and supports multiple concurrent users (typically up to 16). It has a foreign currency capability meaning that you can trade with customers and suppliers outside of the UK and in any mixture of currencies. For example, you can produce foreign currency invoices, statements, receipts, and payments whilst automatically dealing with currency fluctuations.

Sage Informer (included with Sage Line 100) provides up-to-the-minute, concise reports on the current state of your business. It extracts information from your Sage Line 100 system, presenting it as dynamic, ready-made graphs and tables. In addition, a wide range of management reports is available.

In terms of Accounts and Finance, Sage Line 100 has a nominal cost center and departmental analysis. You can attribute costs, analyze budgets and produce management reports, e.g. Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss, by department and cost center. Group budgets make it easy for you to manage your subsidiary companies. Sage Line 100 includes multi-company consolidated financial reporting and group budgeting capabilities. In addition, Sage Line 100 can manage the acquisition, depreciation, and disposal of all your assets, including vehicles, plants, buildings, and offices.

Customers are the backbone of any business and Sage Line 100 provides a comprehensive customer record that stores all details of your customers for easy retrieval. Complex discount schemes and individual price lists are supported, allowing you to trade with your customers in a fully flexible way. A range of credit tools are supplied and the ability to place customer accounts on hold. You can rate each customer by importance to ensure their orders are fulfilled first. Repeat and Duplicate Orders cut down on processing time while Quotations and pro formats can be easily raised and converted to orders or invoices. Also, multiple delivery addresses allow you to fit in with your customers’ needs with a Head Office facility.

Suppliers are, of course, equally important and Sage Line 100 has a comprehensive supplier record that stores all details of your suppliers for easy retrieval. Sage Line 100 will suggest which payments to make to benefit from early settlement discounts saving you time and money. A purchase order authorization allows you to set limits for supervisor approval.

Other advantages of Sage line 100 include a check that goods received match your purchase order and supplier invoice, it saves on paperwork by consolidating multiple purchase orders into a single invoice and allows you to manage the return of goods to your suppliers.


Stock Control is made infinitely easier with Sage Line 100. Serial and batch number tracking allows you to track individual stock items by unique serial number or track several stock items that collectively form a batch. Factored pricing (units of measure) allows you to buy stock in bulk and sell in smaller quantities and multi-location stock makes it easy to work with stock held in different depots. You can also specify a stock alternative to each product item to ensure that your customers are never disappointed. When it's time to stock-take, Sage Line 100 provides routines and documentation to help you manage your stock-taking processes. Sage Line 100 also handles multiple suppliers and helps to track and control the assembly of components into your finished goods.

Sage Line 100 allows you to job-cost with ease and efficiency. You can process complex jobs involving stock items, contractors, staff, and services - right through to the production of the final job invoice. Budget reporting enables you to compare actual costs and quantities against the budget and you can create multiple hierarchies of costs for labor or stock. It is also possible to produce contract-based reports combining several jobs and run reports on the status of jobs, including resources allocated. There is a service team to answer all your enquires and training solutions are also offered.