The system would allow you to stake things

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Underneath it's...a trapdoor!! She then goes on to inform you It was secured when she moved in but a few of her puppies (the bulldog) was yanking it flip open along with RuneScape gold the bolts broke. When she went down their she watched a cavern full of ores and also a"furnace-portal" when you ask her more about this"furnace-portal" she states that is the best she can describe it and then asks you to leave your puppy (if its with you) together with her she does not want it to die to. Now you have an option now to leap over the pencil, do this then open the trap door and return their. The pet store owner gives one more slice of condolence and tells you to be careful going down the crate so you don't slip and fall.

Conveniently she forgets to tell you that you want a 1 tinder box and 3 ropes and 25 Firelighting to mild"the supreme fire" you can barely see because its pitch black at the cavern. Anyhow the"greatest fire", it is a huge oak log. If you've got the required items (and level) right click on the massive oak log and chose"start to light" their will be another cut scene in which you're personality winds a rope round the surface of the walnut log and a round the bottom link both an then connecting the last one to among those rope, he/she then walks up to the rope let from the ultimate fire lights , BAM there's suddenly a huge fire on the pine log leading to 600xp into Firemaking and also you get and it enables you to look round the cavern for the very first time (please note you Old school runescape buy gold only need to do this after but after 10 uses of the mini game you have to use 5 walnut logs on the huge oak log leading to 300xp to Firemaking in the event that you don't do so you risk having It Affect and having to receive 20 oak logs on it). And you see she is perfect!