Guide to import MetaMask wallet into Coinbase wallet

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MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

If you have been using the MetaMask wallet already and now you wish to create a new Coinbase wallet but you want to use the two wallets together, then this guide is just for you. All those users who want to avoid the inconvenience of using two different wallets can definitely go ahead with learning how to merge the two wallets together.

So, in the section below, we shall be having a look at the procedure to do so. However, before you do that, you need to set up a new Coinbase wallet. Once you are ready with the Coinbase and the MetaMask Login, you can apply the steps that are listed below.


Steps to sync MetaMask and Coinbase wallet

  1. To begin with, you first need to install the Coinbase extension on your device
  2. Followed by this, you can go ahead with setting up your new wallet
  3. After you are done setting up your wallet, it's time to import a wallet
  4. In this case, we will try to import the MetaMask wallet
  5. Open the MetaMask extension or the mobile application
  6. Enter the login password to access the wallet and then go to its "Settings"
  7. Click on the "Security and Privacy" option "Reveal secret recovery phrase"
  8. Enter your password and then note the secret recovery phrase
  9. Now, navigate to the Coinbase wallet and then select the "Import an existing wallet" option
  10. Thereafter, choose "import recovery phrase" and enter the secret recovery phrase from step 8
  11. Now, click on the "Import Wallet" option one more time
  12. Then, select a username and password for this wallet and you're done

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That's how easily you can sync your MetaMask wallet with that of the Coinbase wallet. All you need to do is follow the simple steps that are given here. While noting down the secret recovery phrase, just make sure that show utmost care as this recovery phrase is highly sensitive and is the only key to unlock your wallet when you run into problems while accessing your wallet.